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Yee-haw! Tilli$ i$ in Texa$! (Gue$$ Why.)

  The two most unpopular US senators — both up for reelection in 2020 — are in San Antonio schmoozing.     Neither one of them — Thom Tilli$$ (R-NC) nor Cory Gardner (R-CO) — represent Texas. But they’re THERE:   The United States Senate…

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Tillis lying his way to the finish line

  LIE is the nicest word I can come up with to describe the latest ad from the Thom Tillis reelection campaign. (It’s running every day during Rush’s show. )  Here are some samples of its claims: The funniest part?  It plays clips of President…

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An “impeachment” primer

      Saying you’re pursuing impeachment doesn’t mean it’s actually happening.  There’s a full-blown procedure laid out in law that the Democrats and NeverTrumpers have yet to touch. Peter Schweizer published a great book last year detailing how all kinds of Washington Insiders —…

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Have Fox News and Todd Starnes parted ways?

    THAT is the word I am getting from well-placed fans of this site from up north.   Starnes and Sean Hannity are two of the  network’s most popular personalities with conservative viewers. Both have a radio AND TV presence.  We’ve been hearing stories…

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#ncpol: Bishop apparently kisses (up) better than Murphy

  There are some signs coming out of DC that Dan  Bishop will be more at home with Kevin McCarthy, Patrick McHenry and Virginia Foxx than with Mark Meadows.  Bishop and the 3rd district’s Greg Murphy just got sworn in as North Carolina’a newest members…

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NC-03: Just sworn in, and already gets a 2020 primary opponent

    It looks like this district’s reputation for Republican slugfests at congressional primary time will continue on past the Walter Jones era.  Greg Murphy — after running in a primary, runoff, AND general election — has JUST been sworn in as the district’s new…

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#ncpol: About last night …..

  We had two out-of-season congressional races.  Republicans won both, so the drive-bys have had little to say since the votes were tallied.  The chattering class wants to put this all on  Trump.  Yes,  I think he deserves some credit, but there are some other…

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SO. Whatcha’ doin’ on Tuesday?

  If you’re a fan of this site, and haven’t yet voted,  you BETTER MAKE TRACKS TO THE POLLS.  If you have friends who haven’t voted,  drag them  along.     We’v got TWO congressional seats — the Third and Ninth — that have been…

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NC-09: McCready’s minions apparently fear THIS GOP gal

    Just check out the kind of reaction a woman in a  Dan Bishop t-shirt passing out literature, and taking some video and pictures outside the Robeson County Board of Elections provoked among some of the paid Democrat campaign professionals today:     That’s…

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NC-03: The Allen Thomas Show

  We just told you about some of the bizarre activities of the Allen Thomas for Congress campaign.   Some folks are still demanding photos or video to go along  with the narrative.  We here at The Haymaker aim to please.  So, here we go….