Campaign ’14: The Moore County School Board — FIRE ‘EM ALL. (Let God sort it out.)

mcslogoHere in Moore County, we’ve got a problem with our school system that you likely see in many other counties.  We’ve got an elected school board that submits itself to the whims of the edu-crats who run the daily affairs of the school system.  There are few, if any, questions. There is little to no accountability.  We’ve regularly elected a bunch of rubber stamps.

What we’re advocating this November is a pretty simple solution — vote out every single incumbent on the ballot.  I’m talking about Ed Dennison, Enola Lineberger and Charles Lambert.  They have failed in their responsibilities to the voters.  Sue Black is trying to return to the school board after a previous electoral defeat.  When she served before, she was a pawn of the educrats.  I see no evidence that would change with a return to the board.  (DO NOT VOTE FOR HER EITHER.) 

For example, in 2013, our elected “leaders” on the school board were led by the nose by local educrats to approve a resolution condemning the work of the Republican-controlled state legislature.  The resolution repeated a lot of the same lies vomited by Bill Barber and regurgitated this year by Kay Hagan.public school

Also, in 2013, this board went along with the educrats’ public disinformation efforts about alleged underfunding of the local school system.  Never mind that the school system’s internal documents show the schools have been OVERFUNDED by roughly TWO MILLION over each of the last few years.

We need some spines on the school board.  We need people who will actually represent the interest of the taxpayers and the parents over those of the taxpayer funded bureaucrats at the central office.  In November, cast your vote for Pam Thompson for District 3.  In the at-large seats, you can VOTE FOR THESE THREE: Scott  Caddell, Becky Smith Carlson, and Daniel Armstrong. 

Give them a shot.  If they get too impressed with the action at the central office, we can fire them the next go around.  We need to get a handle on our government.  Our elected officials should be directing the unelected bureaucrats — not the other way around. We owe it to the kids — whose future is being frittered away by Common Core and other politically-correct nonsense.