Burr, Thilli$ do Obama a solid.

burrtThis post in National Review’s The Corner blog sums up the, um, *benefits* of a “Republican Senate” in the Obama era nicely:

To nobody’s surprise, the Lee amendment to defund the Obama Administration’s radical Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Rule (AFFH), (a rule that essentially turns the federal government into a National Zoning board, forcing high density housing on unwilling cities and towns, while letting bureaucrats decide the racial, ethnic and income balance of local communities)  was tabled by a vote of 60-37 today, marking a defeat for conservatism, community control, and common sense. 

*Too many white people in your neighborhood?  Not enough dark skin?  Here, have a public housing project.  Don’t thanks us.  YOU’RE PAYING FOR IT*:

Meanwhile Susan Collins’ fig leaf amendment that pretends to stop AFFH’s war on the suburbs passed 87-9.  It’s the sort of depressing scene we’ve become accustomed to in the McConnell-led senate. Heritage Action Scorecard “key voted” the Lee Amendment (and in the process, proved again why it is the gold standard of conservative rating systems).  Little surprise that of Heritage’s 10 worst-scoring Republican Senators, only one (Senator Capito of burrWV) voted for the Lee amendment while their top 23 scoring Senators all voted for Lee.

What’s more mystifying and discouraging about this is the utter political stupidity of the tactics by the GOP Senate leadership.   Not only does it deprive the party of a great short-term issue, but of a long-term one as well—and one that would have paid both policy and political dividends.   When communities better understand what AFFH allows, it is going to be absolutely toxic to everyone who voted for it—or at least it would have been if McConnell hadn’t allowed Democrats to take political cover with the Collins amendment. The Collins amendment passed 87-9 with the only nine votes against being Democrats from Senate jurisdictions so liberal that they could afford to say even the Collins non-concession was insufficient.  So Senator McConnell managed to give the Democrats a fig leaf hid their vote for this monstrosity.

Meanwhile the Lee amendment, which had, at least in theory, the support of all but 16 members of the GOP’s 54 member conference, including all of the GOP’s conservative Senators, garnered only GOP votes.  Not a single Democrat joined them.  McConnell once again worked with a rump faction of liberal Republicans to stop a conservative amendment (Don’t be fooled by the fact that McConnell voted for the Lee amendment—he, and probably some others in the “ythom-smokinges’ camp, were just giving themselves political cover.   If McConnell had actually wanted the Lee amendment, the Collins amendment would never have seen the light of day.)[…]

Giving political cover to Democrats.  Bowing to the dictates of the most liberal members of the caucus. Splitting the party.  It’s what the GOP leadership does so expertly.  And yet again, they’ve outdone themselves.  

Richard Burr and Thom Thilli$$$$$$ both voted to table — effectively kill —  the Lee amendment.  *I hope HUD puts a yuuuuuuuuuuge housing project in BOTH of their neighborhoods.* 

Show of hands.  Is this what you voted for in 2010?  2014?  I bet Kay Hagan and Elaine Marshall would have voted this way too. In 2014, Thilli$$$$ made a huge deal out of how often Kay Hagan voted with Obama.  He appears to be on track to tie — or beat — her record. 


22 thoughts on “Burr, Thilli$ do Obama a solid.

  1. A Realtors nightmare!!!!!!!!!!
    Another vote with the middle finger much less meeting the level of correct reasoning.

  2. Further more it is a Constitutional nightmare. Karl Marx is hee hawing in his grave. Private property rights? What private property rights?

    Browny Douglas

  3. Tricky Dick Burr is more than an Obama Republican. He is a Karl Marx Republican, as is Tillis. They are thumbing their noses at conservatives and indeed at all average North Carolinians. Burr reeks so bad of far leftism, there is no way to hold one’s nose to vote for him in November. We simply have to find a primary opponent to take that despicable Tillis out of office.

  4. Hopefully, Burr will lose his reelection and we will suffer through Mrs. Ross in hopes of returning a conservative to the senate.

    1. Jesse Helms, John East, and Lauch Faircloth were Senators whom North Carolina Republicans could be proud of. Elizabeth Dole was somewhat okay but could have been better and at least did not constantly embarrass us. Richard Burr and Thom Tillis are embarrassments. Burr started out a lot like Dole but has gone off the deep end over the last 4-5 years.

      Who do we have to vote for? Burr, Ross, and the pizza guy all stink about equally. This is one race I wish there was a ”none of the above” line on the ballot.

      1. We blew it in the primaries. We always wait until it is too late to rally around an effective conservative against all these establish candidates. We must start by effecting change in the state party. Let us not fail there again! It change starts with your precinct caucus. Be prepared for that , the county, and district, and state conventions.

  5. In the US Congress, I will be one of Mike Lee’s most reliable allies.

    If you’re in NC – 12, vote for Ryan Duffie on June 7!


  6. This is why Burr is going to lose this November. I’m not voting for the Demo(n)crat to make Burr, I’m just not filling in that bubble for Burr. He’s going to lose because he’s a RINO and votes like a RINO.

    1. The thought of Deborah Ross in the Senate for six years makes me sick to my stomach, but there is NO way I’m voting for Burr. No way, no how, not going to happen.

    1. The pattern in the past with other Senators who were once conservative but have gone over to the dark side, the big government crowd, like John McCain and Orrin Hatch, has been to tack back hard right in the year before they come up for reelection and tell voters that they had gotten the message and were voting conservative again. Of course, they immediately transitioned back to liberals after they were reelected. I notice that McCain and Burr are not doing that this year, but remaining openly on the liberal side of things. Of course, recently polling shows McCain in trouble in his primary with conservative State Senator Kelli Ward but it is too late for him to tack back right, and voters probably would not believe it after last time, anyway.

    1. Thanks for that.

      Of the four Republican Senators in the Carolinas, it is curious that only black South Carolina conservative Tim Scott stood up against Obama on this, while the three white liberals, Lindsay Graham, Richard Burr, and Thom Tillis voted for the radical Obama position. Is there any way we can clone Tim Scott? His voting record is so much better than that of the other Republican Senators from the Carolinas.

      The Republicans who followed the Obama path are a predictable bunch who usually vote left of center, including McCain, Graham, Kirk, Ayotte, Alexander, and Cochran.

      I have read that all of our GOP US House members from NC voted against the Obama position when the same amendment came before the House. How is it that our Senators are so out of step?

      1. How is it that our Senators are so out of step?
        >>> Because they are stealth members of the Democrat Wing of the Republican Party.

  7. Social engineering at its finest!!!!
    Realty industry. Are you paying attention?

    Browny Douglas

    1. If the Realtors PAC has any sense of self preservation, they will drop Tricky DIck Burr (and Thillis) like a hot potato after he screwed them royally like this.

  8. Social engineering at its finest!!!!
    Realty industry. Are you paying attention?

    Browny Douglas

  9. There is complete silence from the REALTORS Political Action Committee (RPAC), the lobbying arm at the National Association of REALTORS (NAR) and the North Carolina Association of REALTORS (NCAR). Silence shows they’re support of the policy. They have been silent about all of the bad housing and financial policy from this administration and they reward their puppets like Tillis & Burr. Have you ever heard of these associations uttering one word against Dodd-Frank which is destroying the housing industry? How about Obamacare? Who’s really standing up for the protection of private property rights? Not NAR or NCAR.

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