Budd claims $$$$ lead in 2022 US Senate race



Former Gov. Pat McCrory may have the edge among the GOP primary contenders in terms of name ID,  but it appears congressman Ted Budd is leading all-comers on the GOP side in the cash race.  Here’s the word from the Budd campaign:

Ted Budd for US Senate filed their FEC report today. The campaign brought in more than $950K for the quarter and now leads the candidate field with over $1.7M cash-on-hand, eliminating any fundraising disadvantage six months ahead of schedule and leaving Budd with almost $800K more cash-on-hand than his closest Republican primary opponent.

“Amy Kate and I are very grateful to everyone who has invested in our campaign,” said Budd. “Under President Donald Trump, the US economy grew at a record setting pace. Under President Job Biden, the US inflation rate is the only thing likely to be growing at a record setting pace! The Biden agenda is hurting our working families across North Carolina. I appreciate that, even when facing these uncertain economic times, folks are still willing to invest their hard-earned dollars to support our shared vision of America First policies that protect and promote American jobs as priority number 1.”

“No matter how folks feel about career politicians, they start their campaigns with significant name ID and fundraising advantages,” said Jonathan Felts, Senior Advisor to the Budd campaign. “Pat McCrory has the deft touch of a tier-one professional politician when it comes to working over fat cats and raising big dollars at some of the most exclusive venues across North Carolina.”

“We fully anticipated, and planned, that it would take us all of 2021 to close the finance gap with the McCrory campaign,” Felts continued. “But we’ve eliminated the McCrory money advantage six months ahead of schedule and that’s going to allow us to accelerate our campaign buildout. Momentum matters in politics. Ted Budd has the big-mo, and it’s looking like Pat McCrory has no-mo.”[…]