Brannon, Walker win key straw poll in Guilford

gbConservatives for Guilford County, one of the most vocal, active conservative grassroots organizations in the state, has spoken loud and clear on the 6th congressional district and US senate races for 2014.  Greensboro pastor Mark Walker was the overwhelming favorite for the House race, while Cary physician Greg Brannon scored a significant victory over the rest of the GOP field for US Senate.

The candidates for both races appeared before the group in Greensboro a few days ago.  Noticeably absent were House candidate Phil Berger, Jr. and Senate candidate Thom Tillis.   Tillis’ absence evoked a pithy comment on Twitter from state Democrats’ opposition research guru:





8 thoughts on “Brannon, Walker win key straw poll in Guilford

  1. Tilli$ only cares for what the special interests want, not the grassroots. It is no surprise he stood up grassroots activists. If he will not even attend candidate forums when he is running, is there any chance whatsoever that he would listen to grassroots constituents if he were elected?

  2. T T illis has shown me enough of his political style. If the GOP gives him their nomination, I”ll leave that choice blank on my ballot. Better to stay with the devil we know than gamble on a worse one emerging once he gets within the beltway.

    1. This statement is irresponsible. “Better to stay with the devil we know than gamble on a worse one emerging once he gets within the beltway.” Kay Hagan is one of the most liberal Senators in the US and to not vote for her opponent, regardless of who it is, is doing a disservice to our state.

      1. Tillis is as bad as Hagan, and he has demonstrated that he can and will screw us up in the GOP caucus, as well as in votes on the floor. Tillis is in the hip pocket of Karl Rove and Mitch McConnell, and that is something we do NOT need.

  3. 6th District Republicans better wake up and look real hard at these candidates before nominating one. Some of them don’t particularly look all that conservative. One metric that is useful in differentiating the field is amnesty/immigration. A brief survey of the candidates’ web sites amazingly reveal that this is not a hot issue for nearly all of them. Walker’s web site doesn’t even mention it, nor do several others. Don Webb’s stated position is the only one that sounds definitive as quoted below:


    I believe that our country’s porous borders and lax enforcement of immigration laws imperil our national security. Our insufficient border control provides a frightening opportunity for terrorists to do incalculable damage to our country. I will work to secure the borders, make English the official language of the United States, use e-verify to deny employment to illegal aliens, block illegals from attending public colleges and universities, deny federal funds to sanctuary cities and institutions, oppose amnesty, and end birthright citizenship for illegal aliens. “

    1. You are spot on. This is a critical issue, and one we need to look at closely. Amnesty would destroy both the party and the country. I would not even think of voting for any pro-amnesty candidate, and would be wary of one who is silent or who waffles. This is a key issue, for example, where Tilli$ is absolutely awful.

    2. “Walker’s web site doesn’t even mention it, nor do several others.”

      Walker made his position clear at the C4GC forum monday night in Greensboro.

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