Brannon: Keep government in check, stand by The Constitution

ncgopThat’s the gist of the thesis Cary physician Greg Brannon, one of two announced GOP candidates for the 2014 US Senate primary, had for his audience at the NCGOP state convention in Charlotte.   If you didn’t have the chance to be in The Queen City, you can watch his speech in its entirety HERE.

1 thought on “Brannon: Keep government in check, stand by The Constitution

  1. It’s sad that Brannon hired Reilly O’Neal to manage his campaign. O’Neal has never managed a campaign of any size. He also wrote bad checks in which caused him to lose his insurance license in 2 states. The Kansas Insurance Commissioner “concludes that Applicant’s application must be denied pursuant to K.S.A. 40-4909(a)(8) because all of the foregoing conclusions must lead to the conclusion that Applicant has demonstrated a lack of trustworthiness in business.”

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