BOHICA Alert: Jacking up our electric bills to save us from the ‘horror’ of carbon dioxide

obama-fingerYou expel CO² every time you exhale. It’s found in your sodas and beer. It’s found in baking soda.  The word is that that about the only risks related to carbon dioxide come when you put a bag over your head or seal yourself up in a tent.  

Logic and science, be damned.  The EPA and the lefty hordes are unleashing new regulations that are expected to jack up our electric bills in the name of saving the world from carbon dioxide.  Carbon monoxide is some dangerous stuff. But THAT is a whole different ball of wax from what the fascists at the EPA are talking about here. bohica

Gov. Pat McCrory and US Senator Richard Burr are upset about the new regulations.  The jackbooted folks at the EPA aren’t concerned.  They have proclaimed that — if the states don’t come up with an ‘acceptable’ plan — DC will gladly come up with one for them. (*shudder.*)

The new regs will reduce the impact of cost-effective coal in production of energy, and make providers more dependent on more expensive alternative energy methods. Barry Obama TOLD US in 2008 that he was going to jack up our utility bills.  And he still won TWO elections. 

We’re hamstringing ourselves while India and China are still going gangbusters with coal.  Do these people honestly think there is some mystical force-field out there that contains THAT coal-burning?

The new EPA regs are expected to be very beneficial to firms that have already heavily invested in alternative energy production methods (solar, wind, etc.).  McCrory and the GOP-controlled state legislature COULD act to lessen the impact on North Carolina residents.  They could act to roll back the alternative homerenergy mandates passed by the General Assembly in 2007.

The NC House — under the Tillis regime — smothered an attempt to kill those mandates in 2013.  An awful lot of GOP campaign contributors have invested BIG TIME in alternative energy (Murphy Brown, Duke Energy, etc.) and are ready to see a return on that investment.  

We’re sure to hear a lot of outrage from GOP pols in Raleigh and DC over the next few days about these new regulations.  These folks SHOULD back up that talk by rolling back the mandates in Raleigh and attacking the EPA’s efforts in DC.

7 thoughts on “BOHICA Alert: Jacking up our electric bills to save us from the ‘horror’ of carbon dioxide

  1. Here is yet another place where Thom Tilli$ COULD, if he wanted, step up to the plate for conservatives, electric consumers, and the middle class by giving the green light to that legislation to repeal the Renewable Energy Mandate. Whose side is he on – the special interests and the Green Gestapo, or that of the citizens, middle class, and consumers????? He has the opportunity to signal that we should vote for him in November or alternatively that we should shun him as a self-serving phony. Will he man up on this one? I guess we will see!

  2. If we had a conservative nominee for US Senate who was in the legislature, this would be a perfect opportunity to establish himself as the opposite of Obama, standing up for affordable electricity for the middle class and for business in contrast to Obama trying to substantially increase electric bills. Will Tillis do it? If he even wants to pretend to be conservative he will. If he doesn’t, it will show that he will not even stand up for conservative principles when he is presented with a great anti-Obama opportunity like this one. What he does on this one will tell us all we need to know about his character. If he lets us down, well he should not be counting on our support come November, now should he?

  3. Raphael, your idea that Tillis might “man-up” for conservatives is a good one however, it has one major flaw………Tillis is NOT a conservative. Oh well, get out your wallets!

    1. I would hope he would man up for the North Carolina electric consumer, even if he looks down his nose at conservatives. But it is issues like this and Common Core that will tell us whether we need to hold our noses and vote for Tilli$ or whether we need to sit out the Senate race in November. I am afraid he is on the verge of sending the signal that he would rather go into November without us.

  4. Where is Tillis? Has he spoken out against the EPA and the dictatorial Obama Regime? Is he afraid to be called a racist? What does he stand for? Is McCrory really only concerned for the bottom line at Duke Energy, his “former” employer? So many questions. So few answers. Our gas tax still remains the highest in the southeast.

    1. Conservative voters need to tell Tillis that if he is not there for us, we will not be there for him. He needs to speak out on this Obama traversty, and more importantly make actions speak louder than words by moving the Renewable Energy Mandate repeal forward.

  5. I understand that the state GOP convention added some platform language calling for the repeal of both the EPA carbon regs and the NC Renewable Energy Mandate. Lets hope that Tillis follows the platform on both of those issues.

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