Big Dummy rides again

220px-Robin_Hayes,_official_109th_Congress_photoHere’s the late Fred Sanford’s first reaction to being introduced to Robin Hayes.

On Saturday, the NCGOPe tossed out the party’s first black chairman and replaced him with a, um, “intellectually-challenged” white man who documentary evidence clearly demonstrates was clearly outperformed by said ousted black man.  Complain about someone not performing, and then replace him with someone who did even worse? 

Yep, ol’ Robin is back.  He of the strong-arm, threatening tactics in Tampa.  He of the Ripon Society.  He of meddling in Republican primaries. He of the Mark Harris stalking horse campaign in the 2014 US Senate primary.  His prior experience as a congressman and party chairman clearly demonstrates his contempt for conservatism and The Tea Party. So, it made perfect sense to make his appointment to interim chairman of the NCGOP the cherry on top of the F-U move perpetrated against teaconservatives on Saturday in Raleigh.

So, the NCGOP has moved from an executive director and governing committees antagonistic to conservatives and a chairman with Tea Party support, to full control of the party by petty RINOs with nothing but contempt for conservative voters they so desperately need to come out for the GOP ticket in November.

This move Saturday is one big middle-finger aimed at the activists who do the work: putting up signs, canvassing door to door, manning phone banks, and working polling places on election day.  How smart is it to smack that hornet’s nest — piss off sooooo many of the people whose help you are going to desperately need in about six months? 

photo_69095_wide_largeHayes’s previous tenure as chairman was marked with contempt for and spats with Tea Partiers.  How is this guy the smart choice for unifying the party heading into November? 

Donald Trump won the state’s primary.  But Hayes has been an outspoken advocate for Marco Rubio.  But, hey, so is the NCGOPe’s SUGAR DADDY Art Pope.  Hayes’s appointment sure would seem to indicate the potential for mischief within North Carolina’s delegation to the Republican National Convention.

Sock_puppetRobin Hayes is what Stalin and Lenin referred to as ”a useful idiot.”  He does what he is told.  In 2012, Pat McCrory told him to go away because Claude Pope was NOW going to be party chairman.  Now that we’re in a presidential year, with NCGOPe types like McCrory and Burr in tight races and the RNC mulling mischief at the national convention, it’s quite handy to have a state chairman in place who will follow the orders of Thom Tillis, Pat McCrory, Art Pope, and Paul Shumaker.

I don’t like playing the race card.  But it’s going to be interesting to see how these, um, “geniuses” who tossed Harnett combat those accusations from Bill Barber and the Democrats.  The only two leaders run off by the NCGOPe — Hasan Harnett and Tim Johnson — have been black.  And both were replaced with white candidates who underperformed when compared to their black predecessors. Dallas

Who needs Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels?  With Dallas Woodhouse and Robin Hayes, the NCGOP has their very own ”Dumb & Dumber.”

26 thoughts on “Big Dummy rides again

  1. Dallas is the worse thing that ever happened to the NCGOP other than Tillis being elected to the Senate. I will be voting hell no to anyone Dallas da Wineo supports.

  2. Robin Hays is an enemy of the grassroots. At his last state convention, he brought in as speakers two of the biggest national enemies of conservatives, Karl Rove and Haley Barbour. You mentioned his disgusting behavior in Tampa on the rules where he helped goosestep over the grassroots.

    As chairman, Hays also refused to send forward county board of elections appointments from a number of counties and substituted his own names, who were sometimes hostile to the local parties. Fortunately, the Nash County party led a fightback that helped get a PoO amendment to at least partially tie the chairman’s hands in doing this sort of hanky panky in the future.

    Appointing Hays adds insult to injury. The establishment has declared all out war on the grassroots, and it will likely be a ”take no prisoners” situation. This was a factional coup d’etat.

    Ripon Robin has never been a friend of conservatives. From a Tea Party guy to a Ripon Society guy is a huge step downward for the NCGOP. No conservative in their right mind would contribute to this rat’s nest run by Woodhouse and Hays.

    1. Your remarks are spot on, John.

      The only bright spot is that many grassroots Constitutional conservatives met each other through working to try to keep Hasan as our NC GOP Chairman. We came from all around the state, have exchanged contact info, and it’s possible we’ll grow in strength by working with each other cooperatively and bringing in more like-minded people.

      It will be poetic justice if Hasan is the procuring cause for an NC GOP Party that becomes what it already says it is! We failed in getting to truth and justice during the preposterously unfair proceeding Saturday, but good may ultimately come of the effort.

  3. It’s gonna be tough for some Conservative tea party types to be involved this year. I’m one of em. Don’t like Pat and Richard as it is. Shame we might lose some down ballot races that were winnable. Oh well.

  4. It’s gonna be tough for some Conservative tea party types to be involved this year. I’m one of em. Don’t like Pat and Richard as it is. Shame we might lose some down ballot races that were winnable. Oh well.

  5. Ha Ha Ha! Did you see our press release where we proclaimed that it was ”grassroots” Republicans who elected Robin? Yeah, we know it was really the establishment that put him in, but we can play the same tricks that our friends in the media do. And we even called him a former ”conservative” congressman! Yeah we know Robin was totally establishment as a congressman, but we like to rub it in to the little people by spinning things like that.

    Don’t go away mad. Just go away.

  6. “Dallas Outhouse” is right, those slimy bastards had the nerve to call it a “Grassroots” election of Robin Hayes a legendary dolt.

    Kudos to the 80 plus executive members who voted against the coup.

    1. We tried. Scratching and clawing for every inch of ground. They brought more than ? and there was nothing we could do. Nevertheless I/we fought for every inch. It may be inevitable, but that doesn’t mean it had to be easy.

    2. They spent party money to hang a false facade of fairness on the procedure like spending who knows how much party money on flying that professional parliamentarian up from Texas, but the most fundamentally unfair aspect of the whole circus was deliberately setting the event for a day that they knew for months Hasan Harnett would be out of the country on business. There no way they can ever get away from the stink of that grossly unfair timing. Then there was the additional stink of cutting off all debate on the matter by the Executive Committee itself. What resulted was a Soviet-style show trial, and it disgraces the Republican Party.

      Moving immediately to a new election also stunk because they knew the grassroots was in a position where it would be unseemly to have new candidates coming forward while the status of the chairman was still in question, so they left no time for the grassroots to produce a new candidate and campaign for him.

      The result is that the NCGOPe is now run by a totally illegitimate leadership that should be rejected in every way possible by the rank and file.

  7. The only statewide Republican I know I’ll vote for this year is Mike Causey for Insurance Commissioner. The rest can jump in a lake.

  8. Thanks to all of the District Chairs (Daniel excluded of course) we now have Old White GOP elects Old White Man as NCGOP Chair. Special thanks to Kim, Joyce, and Zan for this exciting return to the bad old days. Hope none of you wanted a conservative for President – probably not. The real grassroots are leaving the party, and you aren’t even noticing because you are too busy being all about you.

  9. What conservative wants anything to do with the NCGOPe these days? It is chaired by a member of the liberal Ripon Society, Robin Hayes, with the real power being exercized by former Karl Rove front man Dallas Woodhouse, and with a central committee dominated by those who only pushed supporters of establishment presidential candidates for the chairmanship and condoned David Lewis’ financial backstabbing of the party. They wanted to keep Lewis but get rid of Harnett. There is no room for conservatives with that bunch of establishment flunkies.

    They could have offered someone with a background to bring people back together but instead chose to ram one of the most obnoxious establishment hacks in the party down our throats. Sadly, our candidates will suffer from this disgusting power play come November.

    Cruz and Trump conservatives have been left out in the cold by the NCGOPe. Given Robin Hayes’ history of backing establishment power plays at the Tampa convention, I cringe to think of what he might try to do in Cleveland. Hayes was an open backer of the establishment’s intended golden boy, Marco ”Amnesty” Rubio, who disgusts conservatives.

    Woodhouse may be doing the work of Karl Rove in putting this establishment hack Hayes in power with an eye on screwing both Trump and Cruz in Cleveland, as Rove has made noises about doing.

  10. We are looking at the end of the GOP. They stand for nothing but themselves. Agree with all of the above.

  11. Electing Hayes is worse than firing Harnett…however, don’t be a rino and abandon the Republican Party. Instead of giving up, take a lesson from the folks who won this weekend. When they lost last year they worked harder to prevail and eventually succeeded. If we redouble our efforts and continue with grassroot organizing, we will enjoy success in the long run.

    1. Precisely. Everyone who leaves in disgust, weakens those of us who stay and fight.

  12. It wouldn’t surprise me if much, if this simply boiled down to the state party warning some of the wavering districts and counties, that there will be no financial assitance if they didn’t vote to replace Hasan.

  13. Robin Hayes famously stated that delegates should not pass resolutions questioning policy while it was being considered in bills by the General Assembly. Ummm, then when should we do it?

  14. Might want to find out how much RNC is behind this as well…I know they were wanting to send in an out of state parliamentarian for the Convention. The rules committee voted NO…however, it was clear that the RNC Has their hands deepen this. Who knows what will happen…

    1. There was an out of state parliamentarian for the ExCom meeting. I wonder if it was the same one.

      RNC has a history of trying to push grassroots conservatives out of state party positions.

      1. The guy that Katie Sullivan was proposing was from Va, I think….and apparently the RNC was going to pay for part of it….she never would tell us how much that NCGOP was going to be paying for. Most peel on the committee felt that we should be able to find someone within the state to handle it.

  15. In a year or so the NCGOP will be the third party, behind “unaffiliated” in voter registration.

    Why? Because smart people don’t want to be associated with the backwards, bigoted, CORRUPT people who call themselves Republicans and control the party.

    The only way to take the party back from the Tillis/McCrory cronies is to take their power away. That means Burr, McCrory, and almost all of the Rs need to lose in November. I won’t vote for them, and neither should you.

    1. The sums up how I felt leaving the Cherokee convention a few years ago. This organization is beneath me, why soil my own reputation even being a part of it?

      1. That is exactly how we want you to feel. We of the elite do not want or need you little people in our party. It is our little club, not yours, and it is more exclusive if we push you out. Go ahead and switch to Unaffilated. That is exactly what we want you to do. Do not fight us. Let us win by default. Don’t go away mad – just go away.

        People that encourage others to drop out instead of fighting are some of our most valuable allies.

  16. Well I’m done with this useless party. It doesn’t represent me. It’s outdated and sad. So off I go to being an Independent and looking for strong Independent Candidates who are willing to WORK for their elected positions. Not play ALEC run games. Saturday was the last insult to mine and many GOPs intelligence. Good luck to you diehards getting Dallas out of power. It’s what is needed to get real and leave the old mold in the sun to die. I will be voting for good Democrats where I find them. And will be working to oust Berger and McCrony. If anyone wants to join in, speak up. And in Charlotte Bill Brawley (the dark Brawley) has to go. We need to ALL work to get the bad apples out. This state is too great for anymore damage to be done. Way too much potential here. Too much beauty, good-hearted people, and assets galore. Don’t let these assholes ruin it!

    1. ”Good Democrats”?????? They don’t exist. Two or three decades ago there were still a handful of moderately conservative Democrats, but that critter is extinct. Voting Democrat is a fool’s errand. And the Libertarian Party these days seems full of left libertarians like that nutjob pizza delivery guy.

      The only part of your plan that makes sense is running unaffiliated conservatives against the really bad establishment Republicans, but I will believe that when I see it.

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