Polls show problems for Burr & McCrory (But, hey. We fired Hasan!!!)

burrThe Civitas Institute — a subsidiary of Variety Wholesalers and The McCrory for Governor campaign — has put out a new poll that should be raising red flags for all of those smug NCGOPe types strutting around all smug about just having fired a black man.

Normally, I would dismiss polling from Civitas.  It typically has as much credibility as those from PPP (which isn’t much).  But what’s interesting is that (1) it’s produced by an Art Pope-funded entity and (2) it doesn’t speak well for Pope’s candidates of choice.

The leftists at PPP have McCrory trailing Democrat Roy Cooper 43-42.  You know Cooper.  He’s the guy who has been campaigning for governor for four years on our dime while pretending to be attorney general.  In the private sector, he’d get fired for abuse of company assets.  Since he’s in government, he may very well get a promotion to Blount Street.

laughBut the Civitas poll has Cooper up 46 to 36 over McCrory.  The Libertarian is drawing 5% and there are 12% undecided.

Things aren’t looking much better over in the Senate race.  (PPP has the race at 40-36, Burr.)   Civitas has Richard Burr leading Democrat Deborah Ross 37 to 35 percent.  Libertarian pizza man Sean Haugh is drawing 6% and there are a whopping 21 percent undecided.  (And we’re talking about a two-term senator who ALSO has six years in the US House!)  

Sixteen percent of respondents are HARD UNDECIDED.  That means they really, really, really don’t know who they will vote for. 

Cooper leads McCrory 38-30 in terms of voters firm in their choice. (That lead expands to 46-37 when you throw in voters leaning to either candidate)  Burr leads Ross 37-36 when you consider definites and leaners. Snip20160418_1

Sloppiness like this will drag down candidates lower down the ticket if the NCGOPe geniuses aren’t careful.  Many of them will try to blame their woes on, oh, this site or Hasan Harnett.  *Good luck with that.*

Tossing Hasan Harnett overboard isn’t going to fix this.  Neither are Dumb & Dumber Woodhouse & Hayes.