Polls show problems for Burr & McCrory (But, hey. We fired Hasan!!!)

burrThe Civitas Institute — a subsidiary of Variety Wholesalers and The McCrory for Governor campaign — has put out a new poll that should be raising red flags for all of those smug NCGOPe types strutting around all smug about just having fired a black man.

Normally, I would dismiss polling from Civitas.  It typically has as much credibility as those from PPP (which isn’t much).  But what’s interesting is that (1) it’s produced by an Art Pope-funded entity and (2) it doesn’t speak well for Pope’s candidates of choice.

The leftists at PPP have McCrory trailing Democrat Roy Cooper 43-42.  You know Cooper.  He’s the guy who has been campaigning for governor for four years on our dime while pretending to be attorney general.  In the private sector, he’d get fired for abuse of company assets.  Since he’s in government, he may very well get a promotion to Blount Street.

laughBut the Civitas poll has Cooper up 46 to 36 over McCrory.  The Libertarian is drawing 5% and there are 12% undecided.

Things aren’t looking much better over in the Senate race.  (PPP has the race at 40-36, Burr.)   Civitas has Richard Burr leading Democrat Deborah Ross 37 to 35 percent.  Libertarian pizza man Sean Haugh is drawing 6% and there are a whopping 21 percent undecided.  (And we’re talking about a two-term senator who ALSO has six years in the US House!)  

Sixteen percent of respondents are HARD UNDECIDED.  That means they really, really, really don’t know who they will vote for. 

Cooper leads McCrory 38-30 in terms of voters firm in their choice. (That lead expands to 46-37 when you throw in voters leaning to either candidate)  Burr leads Ross 37-36 when you consider definites and leaners. Snip20160418_1

Sloppiness like this will drag down candidates lower down the ticket if the NCGOPe geniuses aren’t careful.  Many of them will try to blame their woes on, oh, this site or Hasan Harnett.  *Good luck with that.*

Tossing Hasan Harnett overboard isn’t going to fix this.  Neither are Dumb & Dumber Woodhouse & Hayes.

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  1. If Civitas produces a poll showing McCrory behind, then perhaps it is a poll for the sole purpose of raising funds, i.e., “we are behind and need to catch up with the Democrat, etc”. Just looking at what the deeper intentions might be…

  2. The #’s could just have to do with the fact that niether are that popular with a large number of primary voters. 61% for Burr is disgraceful. A two term Senator and McC at 80% All against unknown opponents who had no $.

  3. I object to the word WE in this headline because WE assumes all so alternatives could be Some, Most, A Number, Many

  4. Come on, Brant. I despise these Progressive crooks as much you do, but playing the race card where it isn’t a factor is a page out of the Democrat book. We have plenty of ethical, moral, philosophical divides with the GOPE. Please don’t contribute the racial divide being wedged by the current and would-be Democrat Alinskyites-in-Chief.

  5. I agree, the headline should have read “THEY”, because that is more a proper assignment of guilt.

    Robin Hayes, you can’t be serious?

  6. Forty percent of US voted in favor of keeping our Chairman yesterday. It was a very long, stressful day watching the events unfold, and a number of US attempted to stop the process in some form or fashion. This attempt has, I’m pretty sure has put US on THEIR hit list.
    So I understand the headline but it appeared to be a staged event, and they were very calm and relaxed throughout it.

    Stark was lounging back in his overstuffed chair later in in afternoon and the TX parliamentarian sat in a chair between the table and podium with his back to us so he could more easily speak to the Chair and give him constant feedback and guidance. It was merely a show for the crowd.

    1. Two things

      1. I have been sick with a fever ever since i returned home… I think it is just the come down from all the stress you mention…I held myself together as long as i could

      2. As for a hit list you mention some of these people actually know my name now and told me bye last night when leaving the hall and they have never done that before so you are probally right

  7. A left-winger like Ross in the Senate? Make her positions known: support for men in women’s restrooms, ban Second Amendment, total legalization of illegal aliens, take-over of health care by US government as single payer, empty prisons of anyone who is incarcerated for drug crimes! The list goes on and on, she may fly well at News & Observer but get her into the state and her true colors will doom her campaign. A caveat, don’t let her “dance ” around her positions, make her take those positions on the campaign trail

  8. Burr sure “ain’t no Jesse”. Senator Helms was known as Senator “Hell No”. Burr is none as Senator “Hell Yes”. Saying yes to 19 trillion of new debt. Saying defunding Obama Care was “the dumbest thing he ever heard of”. Burr supported the congressional exemption for congress and their staffs to continue tax payor subsidized health care. Burr race baited down in Mississippi to help elect Thad Cochran instead of a true conservative. Burr has supported numerous liberal federal judges and numerous liberal cabinet positions. Burr is a liberal. Other than a few show votes, there is no difference than Burr and Ross. Burr has facilitated the liberal agenda by voting for cloture on every single piece of liberal legislation the Obama regime has brought fourth. Try running a conservative if you want the conservative vote.

  9. And, one more point, if Burr loses Tillis may become conservative if he figures out the people are wise to Burr’s disingenuous votes and rhetoric. If Burr wins Tillis will be the same worthless Rino he is today.

  10. I’d give McCory another 4 over Cooper any day. As for Burr, he’s not seeing my vote and I do believe he’ll lose to Ross. She’ll definitely get all the leftist vote. Burr will not get all the Conservative votes to retain his position as a RINO from North Carolina.

  11. Curious that you didn’t mention where the Donald stands. Top of the ticket matters. Unify or die Republicans.

    1. @Bob The Republican Party is already dead. On the national scene what have they done the past 7 years? Did they defund Obama Care? No!But, They funded it! Did they fund illegal executive amnesty? Yes! Did they enforce/ Strenthen the border? No! Did they vote for 19 trillion in new debt? Yes!
      What difference does it make if a bunch of fake republicans are in office? Obviously the answer is none!

  12. NC will be Red this fall. Hasan is gone. And will make not impact on anything. Lots of evidence was presented Sat to the ec.

    1. Underlying all of this could be an uncomfortable fact.

      Just maybe, the establishment is right. All the poll watching, sign planting, sign cleanup, handing out of slate cards – has negligible impact on voters. They mostly make decisions on what they hear on the radio and see on TV.

      Which implies that for decades – loyal party activists have been suckers feeding the machine.

    2. I would love to be able to debate you here on the issues you raised but due to the rules of executive privilege my lips have to be sealed

  13. I am disgusted with the Republican Party at the national and state level. As a lifelong Republican, I ahd my house have vowed to vote against every Republican incumbent this time around. The Republican Party has betrayed us, time and time again over the past eight to ten years. It’s past time I return the “favor”. Burr must go. Hudson must go. Boles must go. They all must be replaced. And I don’t give a damn any longer by whom.

    1. The establishment has shown repeatedly that they hate conservatives within their own party more than they hate Democrats, and Saturday’s action was just the latest example. That is the source of the party’s huge problem right now with our own voters. Boehner’s comment a couple of days ago called Ted Cruz ”Lucifer in the flesh” and saying he would vote for Hillary Clinton over Cruz (Richard Burr also did the latter some time ago) is another example.

      Instead of trying to unite the party, which anyone with any political savvy would comprehend we need to be doing, the establishment is hard at working blowing up party unity. Replacing Harnett with an establishment thug like Robin Hayes is adding insult to injury and doing it massively. It is hard to imagine a choice that would have been more of a slap in the face to conservatives and the grassroots.

      Still, the idea of staying home or voting against all incumbents is not a good one. There are incumbents who are real duds but there are also ones who have fought for principle. We need to distinguish between the two. I can fully understand taking it out on the first group, but please don’t paint with such a broad brush as to also take it out on the second as well.

      Just voting for anyone with an R by their name leaves a sour taste in many GOP voters mouths due to the actions and inaction of the establishment, but we do not need to go the other way. We need to support those Republicans who have stood up for principle. Fortunately, in my area, there are a number of those on the GOP ballot that I can vote for with enthusiasm, but some running statewide, not so much.

  14. As I said at the podium on Saturday, the action of the EC will cause them to lose the Grass Roots / Libertarian / TEA Party support and effort this fall. While Republicans want O’s administration to hold off on a Supreme Court nominee, NC can’t wait ONE WEEK to hear from convention delegates, after arguing for 6 frigging months in public!!! IMO this happened for ONE reason CONTROL!!!

    1. Thanks for your willingness to run.
      Thanks for trying to point out the corruption.
      Thanks for not being like someone else who told the body that he did not come to run today but read from a speech he latter admited to writing the night before.

      He lied to us as a body before he even started his modified term

    2. Ramming in Robin Hayes was spitting in the eye of conservative and grassroots Republicans. I can think of little that would be more divisive.

          1. well considering the ones that would have stood strong are balking at the $90 fee I do not have much hope we will stand with many willing to fight.

            The lines to the microphones should be so long with people seeking the truth that chairs should not be needed in the hall

  15. I am tired of being told I have to vote for Republicans I don’t like because the Dems are so bad. The last six years has taught us one thing. “What difference does it make”?

    1. None. McCrory panders to the left and has, for the past 4 years, given us the proverbial middle finger. Burr is a RHINO extraordinaire who has done nothing to stop the Obsma agenda and in his complicity has, instead, assisted in the destruction of this country. Same with Ellmers, Hudson, Foxx and Pittenger. Time to purge the party where it matters most — at the polls.

  16. I think we will see “the under-vote” show up this election.

    On a ballot when one votes for Republicans in the local races, judges, insurance commissioner, and President, but leave blank the vote for State Governor and State Senator.

    Will our liberal RINO Governor and Senator be smart enough to see that they indeed did not get a vote due to their behavior?

  17. It’ll be a sad irony for McCrory if after getting the bonds passed – a Democrat follows him to dole out the pork.

    I can’t vote for Cooper. Probably blank ballot or an “L” for me.

    1. I agree. I’ve got to research the “L”. It’ll be the “L” or blank. The other choices are unthinkable.

  18. There are some great leaders among the NC Legislators. We Republicans are our own enemies when we pick at our scabs instead of rallying behind the impressive talent we have. For Heaven’s sake let’s not forget the GOP elected a grassroots leader last year – and our vice chair is grassroots. Just because the bureaucrats stomped up on us last Saturday and will try to do it again this Saturday doesn’t mean we have to take it. The alternative is not to walk away. The alternative is to fight. The country is worth fighting for. Thanks Daily Haymaker for giving us a forum for defending truth, justice and the American way. May God help us.

    1. I don’t agree with Ms. Lawson all that often, but here I must stand by what she said. Quitting now will not help stem the tide of totalitarianism. With plurality voting it is politically ineffective to stop using the party (as far as we are able) to advance the cause of liberty.

      Even if we have a bunch of progressive authoritarian Republicans in office, we also have some great fighters for liberty like Justin Amash, Thomas Massie and Walter Jones.

      If those guys were L or unaffiliated then they would not be in office and would be replaced with more progressive-authoritarian Republicans like Taylor and others backed by Rove and the military industrial complex.

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