He’s OUT.

umpireThat’s the word I am getting from inside that meeting room in Raleigh — by a margin of 200 to 79. (If it’s any consolation, my sources are telling me Jim Womack has done a bang-up job as Harnett’s chief advocate.) 

The next step is to find a replacement.  Prior to the meeting, my sources told me there were 120 votes FOR keeping Hasan.  There MUST have been some kind of deal struck on the replacement in order to get this kind of sea change. 

So, a bunch of people — representing congressional districts that no longer exist — overthrew a man while THEY themselves could likely not survive a vote of confidence by their own local parties.  

The arguments for firing the man were a joke.  The hacking chhh3arge was clearly a scam.  Fundraising ineptitude? The party under Hasan outraised Robin Hayes. (Speaking of, here’s the big dummy himself babbling about the whole affair on video.)  Inability to run a meeting?  Anybody spent any time around Ma Cotten or her lovely daughter?

For either side, this was NOT about the man named Hasan Harnett.  For the GOPe, this has been about protecting what they have from the rabble outside the beltline.  For Hasan’s supporters, this was a rebellion against elites they saw as ignoring their will and trampling on their rights.  The rise of super PACs and affiliated committees allow more and more politicians to simply ignore local party organizations.  (T90he governor’s campaign has made it SOP to run roughshod over or completely ignore local parties.)  But Super PACs don’t canvass door to to door, man phone banks, put out signs, or work the polls on election day. 

In the end, this whole thing wasn’t necessary.  If they didn’t personally like Mr. Harnett, they could have ridden out the two year term and run someone new.  Doing this — they have made Hasan Harnett  a martyr.  They have PISSED OFF a whole lot of people they are going to need for the June and November votes.

This is yet one more blow to the valiant Tea Party / grassroots movement that was borne in 2009.  The GOPe throws us a few rhetorical bones and loves our cash, sweat equity and votes.  But they ANSWER to the PACs and their BIG campaign checks.  We really don’t matter in the grand scheme of things — at least, to the GOPe.  photo_69095_wide_large

Now, it’s time to decide:  Does the Republican Party still matter to you?  Are you going to keep falling in line and serving these people despite their record of repeatedly ignoring you, disrespecting you, lying to you, and stomping on your rights?

WHEN is enough ENOUGH?