Attention, Wal-Mart Shoppers: Atlas HAS SHRUGGED!

Ayn Rand and George Orwell are starting to look like real prophets. We’ve got record unemployment, bankruptcies, foreclosures, and business closings.  We’ve been humiliated overseas.  Our embassies have been overrun and our ambassador has been killed.  The recipe was perfect for a change of command in DC.  Yet, the guy who brought it all to us — and his  henchmen — are back for another four years in the driver’s seat.

Idiots were dancing for joy in the streets in Times Square and outside The White House.  Barry’s back!   The day after this “glorious event” occurred, the stock  market dropped like a rock.

Fifteen million fewer people voted this year than they did in 2008.  If everyone who showed up to vote for McCain in 2008, Romney would be celebrating today.  The stock market would likely be in much better shape. 

What happened?  How did this man — with this record — get re-elected?  El Rushbo said it best:  ‘It’s hard to beat Santa Claus. Especially, when the alternative is being your own Santa Claus.”

“It’s fun and easy being on the gravy train,” the CEO of the EIB Network opined. “All you have to do to stay on the gravy train is vote.”

Rush says we basically gave Barry a mulligan — a do-over.  He sees it — and I agree — as a marketing victory.  I had a conversation with an acquaintance of mine who is a public grade school teacher.  She was asking me how I could possibly support Romney, since he was “all for the rich.”

Yep.  This woman is teaching your kids.  

Resisting the urge to choke her to death where she stood, I calmly asked her what the hell she was talking about.  She went on to babble about how Romney lost her support when she heard that Romney had stock in a company that sent jobs to China.  “He lied,” she told me. “He said he was not for outsourcing jobs.”

Never mind that she helped re-elect a professional race agitator while I voted for someone who ACTUALLY has done things in his life that created jobs and produced many positive things for people.   Considering the horrible state of our economy, I thought it was important to have a leader who knows about job creation.

Exit polls showed that roughly half of voters STILL blame George W. Bush for the bad economy.  Roughly the same amount see Obama as better capable to handle an international crisis.  Benghazi, anyone ????   (*SIGH*)

Erick Erickson, at, really smacked a home run in his post-game analysis of yesterday’s vote. For the first time EVER, we had a presidential ticket that could not win their respective home states.  Even George McGovern won South Dakota.  Even Walter Mondale won Minnesota.   The GOP ticket also lost the home states of Speaker John Boehner  (Ohio) and Majority Leader Eric Cantor (Virginia).

In North Carolina, Francis DeLuca at Civitas sent out a fundraising email celebrating a “conservative revolution” at the state level. Really? Are we talking about Pat McCrory, who benefited from hundreds of thousands of votes from people who ALSO voted for Obama?

Are we talking about the same Pat McCrory who presided over Charlotte government while the city was earning the dubious honor of “highest taxed city in North Carolina”? Are we talking about the same Pat McCrory who came into the mayor’s office with a GOP majority and left Charlotte with a Democrat majority in city government presided over by a Democrat mayor?

Are we talking about the same guy who fought for tax increases to fund expensive rail transit projects and fought against grassroots taxpayer groups who tried to repeal said taxes?  Are we talking about the guy who racked up a 6-1 fundraising advantage and a 3-1 vote advantage in the governor’s race,  and refused to lift a finger or toss a few dollars over to help his beleaguered, underfunded GOP ticketmates?

Does Mr. DeLuca’s “conservative revolution” include House Majority Leader Skip Stam and Speaker Thom Tillis, who threw a temper tantrum because the GOP majority in the Senate refused to approve reparation payments to sterilization patients?  You would think the House leadership would announce a bold new agenda to help turn the economy around.  But the first post-election announcement from Stam was that he is angling for the Speaker Pro Tem job.  Nice.  

Folks, we have been played by charlatans on both sides of the aisle.  We are being allegedly “represented” by people who love having power and controlling people’s lives.  There is not much for people — who work hard, play by the rules, create jobs and produce things that make our economy go —  to cheer for.

If you sit back and cheer what happened yesterday, you are naive. You are blind.  You are a lemming proudly marching toward that cliff.  You are a cow marching proudly into the slaughterhouse.

Mecklenburg County commissioner Bill James recommends that congressional Republicans force Obama’s hand and push the government to the fiscal cliff.  Include appropriate defense expenditures as well as welfare spending cuts.  Make Barry veto it.  Spending DOES originate in the House.  Unfortunately, we’ve seen that there is little to no courage in Republican leaders in Raleigh or DC.

Folks, we have to make sure we and our families can protect ourselves — that we can survive.  No one else is looking out for us.  Not even our alleged leaders.