The ABCs of voting: J is for Judge. D is for DEFEAT.


A friend of mine — a fellow politico — was scratching his head over yesterday’s results for North Carolina Court of  Appeals.  Two of three Democrat candidates — one white woman, one black woman — won while one GOP candidate — Chris Dillon, a white male —  took the third seat, ousting incumbent Cressie Thigpen (a black man).

My friend didn’t understand this.  The Democrats ran as a ticket.   Why did only two of the three win?

The answer is simple.  Look back at the ballot.  The names were listed in alphabetical order for each seat.  Wanda Bryant (D) defeated Marty McGee (R).  Linda McGee (D) defeated David Robinson (R).  Chris Dillon (R) defeated Cressie Thigpen (D).  People went with the first name on the ballot in each race.

So — food for thought for the next time.  If you want to knock off Wanda Bryant, run someone whose last name starts with “A.”   If you want Linda McGee, find an opponent whose last name starts with “L.”  Things should go well for you.