Are we REALLY going THIS route ???

The state party and the NRSC put out an ad attacking US Senate candidate Cheri Beasley (D) which criticizes her for allegedly going soft on a sex offender.  North Carolina TV stations pulled the ad in response to Beasley campaign complaints that it was false and misleading.

This ad comes out just after the North Carolina Republican Party leadership soundly rejected a proposal to ban all convicted felons (including sex offenders) from holding party offices.  The party has held at least one major fundraiser at the home of a convicted sex offender, who has held and continues to hold party offices, and plans to hold another there.  Some could argue the NCGOPe’s actions constitute going soft on a convicted sex offender.  So, is it fair to attack  the Other Side for doing something that Your Side is also doing?

This is the kind of thing that happens when you have “MeToo” Republicans holding elected office and rejecting the party platform. When you vote and act just like the Other Party, it becomes hard — and mighty hypocritical — to attack the Other Party and differentiate yourself from them.

If the GOP continues with this particular line of attack and if I was running the Dem campaign — I’d, in response, make Harvey West a household name from Murphy to Manteo.  (Just thinking out loud, there.)