NCGOP okey-dokey with felons in leadership


You might remember this story. Folks in Granville County got upset over reports they were hearing, and decided to put forth a resolution barring convicted felons — especially sex offenders — from holding NCGOP leadership positions. The NC Dems have a ban like this.  Seventeen counties endorsed the idea.   The resolution included an exception for people who had their voting rights, records expunged, or other rights restored.  What could be the problem?

At this weekend’s NCGOP state convention, it apparently was a HUGE problem. There was an attempt to present the felon ban resolution to the convention as a whole.  It was shot down without discussion, and the sponsors were verbally abused for daring to even bring the subject up.  You would have thought someone said something naughty about lil’ Timmy’s mama.

Wait.  RINOs assaulted us with haughty fake outrage over all the tickets Madison Cawthorn got. They tsked-tsked over some bawdy photos and videos.  None of that is illegal.  He wasn’t convicted of anything.  Yet, he had to be removed forthwith and post-haste from office. (Never mind that he was one of the few congressmen we have who actually showed some loyalty to the GOP platform.)

Yet, the NCGOPe is turning somersaults to defend a certain party leader convicted of multiple counts of sex-related offenses.  This leader actually DID TIME.  He currently holds a party office.  A legislative fundraiser was held at his house.  The party is planning very soon to hold a fundraiser for the 2022 judicial candidates at his house.

How does the NCGOPe justify criticizing anyone else’s morals when they aggressively fight to keep a certain convicted felon in a prominent leadership role?  Or when they refuse to ban OTHER felons from their leadership ranks?