Appalling. Grotesque. Illiterate. (That’s OUR Thilli$$$.)

I sure wish Mark Levin would stop pussy-footing around and tell us how he REALLY feels:

Thursday on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin explained why the Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee who voted to advance an unconstitutional bill to protect special counsel Robert Mueller were dead wrong.

First, Levin pointed out the absurd claim that firing Mueller would be an impeachable obstruction of the Russia investigation.

“If Trump did fire Mueller, which I don’t think he should, how would that stop the Russia investigation?” Levin asked. “Somebody else would pick up the cudgel and continue to investigate Russia.”

Levin said the Republicans who voted for the bill were “apparently illiterate when it comes to the Constitution.”

“The Senate, the House of Representatives, together Congress, has no power to stop a president of the United States from firing a special counsel. None. No power whatsoever,” Levin said. “It’s called separation of powers.”

“What the Senate Judiciary Committee did today is absolutely appalling. It’s grotesque!”

*Really?  And WHO engineered that legislation that the committee voted on?*   Thom-frickin’-Tilli$$$.(Who, by the way, also sits on the Judiciary Committee that did this thing.)  He’s been running around telling us how Robert Mueller and his kind are good for us. 

With the exception of the Gorsuch confirmation, and maybe a handful of other things, what has he done that Kay Hagan wouldn’t have? 

Here is Levin’s whole rant.