Appalling. Grotesque. Illiterate. (That’s OUR Thilli$$$.)

I sure wish Mark Levin would stop pussy-footing around and tell us how he REALLY feels:

Thursday on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin explained why the Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee who voted to advance an unconstitutional bill to protect special counsel Robert Mueller were dead wrong.

First, Levin pointed out the absurd claim that firing Mueller would be an impeachable obstruction of the Russia investigation.

“If Trump did fire Mueller, which I don’t think he should, how would that stop the Russia investigation?” Levin asked. “Somebody else would pick up the cudgel and continue to investigate Russia.”

Levin said the Republicans who voted for the bill were “apparently illiterate when it comes to the Constitution.”

“The Senate, the House of Representatives, together Congress, has no power to stop a president of the United States from firing a special counsel. None. No power whatsoever,” Levin said. “It’s called separation of powers.”

“What the Senate Judiciary Committee did today is absolutely appalling. It’s grotesque!”

*Really?  And WHO engineered that legislation that the committee voted on?*   Thom-frickin’-Tilli$$$.(Who, by the way, also sits on the Judiciary Committee that did this thing.)  He’s been running around telling us how Robert Mueller and his kind are good for us. 

With the exception of the Gorsuch confirmation, and maybe a handful of other things, what has he done that Kay Hagan wouldn’t have? 

Here is Levin’s whole rant.

14 thoughts on “Appalling. Grotesque. Illiterate. (That’s OUR Thilli$$$.)

  1. Still waiting for the Tillis lovers to explain to the rest of us just what a brilliant move this is on Tillis’ part.

  2. I agree that Tillis is “…apparently illiterate when it comes to the Constitution.” I imagine he doesn’t give a flip about it either.

        1. Ever notice how far left advocates never complain about constitutional violations when their guys are in power.

        2. President Obama had a better record with the Conservative Supreme Court and other Federal Courts, who interpret laws against the Constitution, than Trump this far in.
          Ever notice how Conservatives ignore that?

  3. By the way, Mark Levin did endorse me twice for US Senate against both Tillis and Burr, because of my constitutional stance. Mr Levin quizzed me live on his radio show, on my knowledge of our constitution. Please listen to those shows. Again , Tillis, progressive, unconstitutional foundation, was well known before our primary. But the establishment got their man and we , has North Carolinians and Americans lose. Now primaries are 30%! LOL. Principle over party is the solution. Please remember, the constitution chains the federal government to their enumerated functions, the by product is , the Liberty of the individual! Mr Levin, thank you for continuing to expose constitutional frauds.

    Greg Brannon

    1. Thank you Dr. Brannon for the sacrifices that you and your family have made to fight for the freedoms of those who don’t understand how important what you are doing is. Most people will never know what you have lost in this fight that you believe in with all of your being. I just wish people could understand that you have never been in it for power, fame or glory. Your only purpose is to protect our Constitutional right. Thank you sir for your service!

    2. Mr. Bannon, I was at the Davidson County Republican Women’s dinner when you spoke. I knew then that you were the one to put in office. Keep plugging, and please run again. Tillis is a GOP swamp thing and should be ousted.

  4. Anyone who voted for Tillis not realizing he didn’t care about the Constitution had not been paying attention. He has acted at least as badly as I expected he would. We had an alternative on Election Day. I voted for John Rhodes.

  5. I already informed Tillie that I would not support anything less than
    him having Trump’s back. Must be he doen’t care about my vote
    or suuport.

  6. I suspect that it will not be hard for Tillis’ primary opponent to secure the Trump endorsement, and then Tillis will be dog meat.

  7. Thom Thillis (??) has never had an opinion that Paul Shumaker did not write out for him to read… in crayon.

    Shumaker’s theory is no one remembers any crap you do for 5.5 years. Just blow smoke up their butts for six months before each election.

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