#ncpol: Harris nabs BIG family values endorse in NC-09

In their heated rematch from last cycle’s nail-biter, congressman Robert Pittenger and challenger Mark Harris have been bending over backwards to woo the district’s social conservatives and values voters.

Harris appears to have scored big with an endorsement from The NC Values Coalition — arguably the state’s largest and most effective lobby for the conservative social agenda:

Since the founding of our coalition, we have had the opportunity to closely work with Mark Harris on every pro-life and pro-family initiative our coalition has advanced in North Carolina. Mark Harris is a determined leader and tireless advocate for conservative family values. He is a man of action, not just empty rhetoric.

Because Mark has marched with us for the dignity of human life, stood with us to defend and protect marriage and the deeply-held religious beliefs of all North Carolinians, supported our efforts to enforce long-standing privacy rights ensuring men and women use separate bathrooms and showers, and advocated for peace in the street with members of our coalition after the Charlotte riots, today the NC Values Coalition is privileged to endorse Mark Harris as the best candidate to represent our coalition members in the North Carolina’s 9th Congressional district.


As part of the NC Values Coalition endorsement, a new digital and television commercial began airing this morning and it can be viewed on YouTube.

NC Values Coalition is confident that Mark Harris is the best choice to protect strong family values and individual liberties while advocating for constitutional limited government. Once again, we are pleased to offer our endorsement of his candidacy.