Another double-dipper at NCGOP?


Catherine Whiteford has worked for the NCGOP and proclaimed it needs to be “more open to progressives.”  She got her brains beat out electorally, running for NC House in 2018, by progressive Grier Martin. But the most interesting thing about her?  She was being paid CA$H by NCGOP while running for NC House. 

Most organizations — and I am told the NCGOP is included here — frown upon paying people to do one job while they are seeking another job.

Here in 2019, Michele Nix is still serving as NCGOP vice chairman.  That job doesn’t pay, but she does get generously reimbursed for expenses and has all kinds of access to party resources.  She gets a lot of media face-time and speaking engagements thanks to her VC position.

Nix has also formally announced she is seeking the 3rd congressional district’s GOP nomination for the US House.  She has not announced any intention to resign her VC post so she can campaign conflict-free.  She’s still obtaining speaking engagements based on her VC role, and is still eligible for “expense” reimbursements from the state party  and access to state party resources (like, I’m sure, fundraising lists).

Another giggle-inducer making the rounds:  Nix is telling anyone who will listen that she is “anti-establishment” and “anti-Dallas Woodhouse” and “anti-Robin Hayes.”

(OK.  Somebody is lying here.  Dallas just commented on our site not long ago that he has a “very close relationship with Mrs. Nix.”) 


4 thoughts on “Another double-dipper at NCGOP?

  1. Well she did not endorse Womack in 2017 and that was when she had a chance to make a stand for the good of the party but she protected her own political interests and two years later the party is in a bigger mess then is was then.

  2. The 3rd district is arguably the most conservative and the most skeptical of RINOs in NC. If she can sell her blarney here, she would win anywhere in the state, other than the 1st and the 12th, of course. Problem for her is that she doesn’t have the background to be considered a serious candidate. Looking like an opportunist, she fails the optic test. She reminds conservatives of Renee Ellmers who isn’t someone you want to be compared to, and of course, Hasan Harnett had more supporters on the coast than anywhere else in the state, and some of those folks haven’t forgotten.

  3. I cannot think of a worse week for the NCGOP and the voters who rely on it…Republicans got trounced and trashed in the hearing and the local/national media. This is one of those things, particulary the District 9 hearing, that you could see the utter incompetence of those who “defended” Mark Harris. And then top it off Friday afternoon with the Voter ID Law being tossed out. Wow, what a week.

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