And the lies from DC keep falling apart …

I hate to say I told you so, but ….

Standard & Poor’s announced Friday night that it has downgraded the U.S. credit rating for the first time, dealing a symbolic blow to the world’s economic superpower in what was a sharply worded critique of the American political system.

Lowering the nation’s rating to one notch below AAA, the credit rating company said “political brinkmanship” in the debate over the debt had made the U.S. government’s ability to manage its finances “less stable, less effective and less predictable.” It said the bipartisan agreement reached this week to find at least $2.1 trillion in budget savings “fell short” of what was necessary to tame the nation’s debt over time and predicted that leaders would not be likely to achieve more savings in the future.

“It’s always possible the rating will come back, but we don’t think it’s coming back anytime soon,” said David Beers, head of S&P’s government debt rating unit.

Liars. What a bunch of pathetic disgusting liars we have representing us in Washington.  We need 537 pink slips right now (2 for Biden and Obama, 100 for the Senate, and 435 for the House).   These people who told us we needed a debt ceiling increase, in order to save the U.S.’s reputation, need to go stand in the unemployment line with Real Americans and face head-on the mess THEY — the DC crowd — MADE.

S&P TOLD us all that the U.S. needed to REDUCE its debt to maintain its top credit rating.  What do our genius leaders do?  They increase our amount of debt!   if you max out your credit card, the worst thing to do is to get ANOTHER card.  That’s what our country has done with this debt ceiling. We maxed out, and signed up for another gold card.

We have people in DC, purportedly representing us, who have no clue, no ideas, and are FAR from the best and brightest in the country.

As, evidence of that point, some Democrats — in the wake of this credit rating down-grading , the increase in unemployment, and the further decline of the economy — are calling for NEW taxes.  What an excellent way to get the economy back on its feet, MORONS. 

The DC crowd believe they need to keep spending and throwing money at us to preserve their job security.   At this rate, THEY will be the only ones left in the country with jobs.

We have work to do in November 2012.  We need to fire them all.  We need to literally drop kick then all back across the Potomac and into Real America.