Amnesty: Some tough talk from GOP in DC, but NO plan to actively oppose Barry’s decree


It appears Michelle Bachmann has spilled the beans:  Congressional Republicans are not going to do anything in response to Little Barry Obama’s amnesty decree.  But we sure are getting some tough talk from North Carolina’s congressional delegation.

Fifty House Republicans — including NC’s Walter Jones — have signed a letter seeking the defunding of federal agencies or offices that would assist with the execution of the amnesty decree.

Mark Meadows sounded outraged — about Obama not including Congress in the process — in a piece he wrote for Fox News. George Holding took a similar approach.   The Boy Wonder of the 8th District, Richard Hudson, doubled down: 

Rep. Richard Hudson (R-NC) promised to do everything he can to stop Obama.

“Granting amnesty to those here illegally is an affront to American workers and the people who are trying to join our country legally,” Hudson said. “As I’ve said before, I recognize our immigration system is broken and in need of reform, but I cannot and will not support any type of immigration reform until we secure the border first. We need to pass permanent, meaningful reforms that address the root of the problem to stop the influx of illegal immigration. I will do everything in my power to block the administration’s illegal amnesty policies and remain committed to working with my colleagues to secure our borders and fix our broken immigration system.”

“Join our country” ???  Is ”everything he can” limited to what Weepy John Boehner will allow him to do?  It now looks like the only options left are a short-term, limited government funding bill, and a willingness to face down Obama on a possible government shutdown.  It will be interesting to see exactly what ”everything” Rich Hudson “can do” actually looks like. 

6 thoughts on “Amnesty: Some tough talk from GOP in DC, but NO plan to actively oppose Barry’s decree

  1. If these weaklings even think about caving in to Comrade Obama, they need to take a good hard look across the pond at what is happening to politicians of long established parties there which have gone wobbly on immigration, starting with David Cameron’s Conservative Party in the UK. The voters are punishing them on immigration by kicking the crap out of them at the polls in favor of a party farther to the right that takes a strong stand against immigration..

    And it is more than just the immigration policy issue, although that is of immense importance by itself. It is also about creating a dangerous precedent of tyrannical power in the executive that starts the country down the slippery slope to dictatorship.

    If Boehner is too much of a coward to fight, then enough Republicans need to vote present on election of the Speaker to deny him a majority and hold firm until the GOP caucus produces a different candidate for Speaker. If we do not have enough conservatives in Congress to do that, it is time for the rest of us to start our own UKIP because the GOP would be hopeless.

    This issue is THAT SERIOUS and those weaklings in DC need to understand that. Personally, I will never vote for any politician that wimps out in the face of this tyranny from Obama.

    1. Holding’s true self is starting to show itself. He has spent the last three years portraying himself as an aggressive spending cutter yet didn’t exactly do a scorched earth struggle against debt ceiling hikes and if I recollect correctly, voted for at least one food stamp bill. Not really sure what instances of cutting spending he’s actually responsible for. Then there’s the fact that he supports John Boehner for Speaker which ought to be enough in its own right to show what kind of “conservative” he is.

      But he’s full of conserva-talk and the country club Republicans over in Wayne and Wilson Counties still think he’s God’s gift to whatever.

  2. I think Walter Jones may be the only member of the NC delegation who may not back Boehner for Speaker. Mark Walker was against Boehner during his campaign, but recently said he is willing to back whoever comes out of the GOP conference.

    1. It is NOT ”the GOP” that wants amnesty. It is a clique of Fifth Columnists in the ”leadership” that are in the hip pocket of the $pecial interest$, especially the mother of all special interests, the US Chamber of Commerce. The GOP platform, state and national, is quite clear against amnesty for illegal aliens. These Fifth Columnists in the ”leadership” would betray the party platform and the party voters and activists for their relationship with the special interests. Polls showed that the most important issue for GOP voters this election year was halting the flood of illegal aliens.

      The real question is what the party activists are going to do about it. The best thing would be to dump this treacherous ”leadership” and get some real leadership that reflects party principles. If we cannot do that, then the only option may be to follow our brethren across the sea who have been deserting the British Conservative Party since it went wobbly on immigration and swung to the UK Independence Party. I think we need to try to right the ship in our own party first, but if it cannot be righted, then all options should be on the table.

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