About those vetoes …

legislatureThe mainstream media is having a field day setting up the narrative for this special session of the legislature: Republican legislators who helped elect our rookie Republican governor are in the awkward spot of overriding the vetoes of — and embarrassing — said rookie Republican governor.

I have to agree with Lt. Gov. Dan Forest’s assessment of the vetoed immigration bill.  The bill gives too much wiggle room to employers wanting to avoid subjecting workers to citizenship verification. 

I am of two minds about the drug testing legislation.  On one hand, the bill helps the bureaucracy increase its level of intrusiveness.  On the other hand, if you’re going to take my money — you need to live by my rules.  Limits should be placed on the length of time someone can receive “assistance” — kind of like what the legislature has done with unemployment benefits.  I don’t have a problem with providing a short-term crutch, financed like unemployment insurance,  for someone who has fallen on hard times.  I DO have a problem with grandma, children and grandchildren spending YEARS on public assistance.  That’s enabling, not empowering.

For what it’s worth — I say uphold the veto of the immigration bill, but override the veto of the drug testing bill.