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Public Official ‘A’ : fanning the flames, stirring the pot, doing The Left’s dirty work

  He got elected promising to not vote for John Boehner in the speaker’s race. He did it anyway. He has publicly refused to support deportation of people already in this country illegally. He’s even admitted to being “Public Official ‘A’ ” in the indictment…

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#ncpol: Walker backs out of US Senate run (for the second time now, I think)

  The fracas at the House Republican Caucus meeting kind of hinted that this was coming.  The Club For Growth was pushing hard for him,  but ‘Public Official A’ had to put his foot down and say NO.   (Rumors of  a Walker Senate run…

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Mark Walker: NRCC dues spat? Legal fees scuffle? A Tillis-DOJ plot against him? STILL toying with 2020 Senate run?

  There’s quite a bit of soap opera drama swirling around a certain Greensboro preacher-turned-politician:   Tensions boiled over on Tuesday between the leader of the GOP campaign committee and several House Republican leaders over the issue of dues, multiple sources confirmed to The Hill….

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Tillis: “I’m not concerned about winning a primary, and I’m not concerned about getting re-elected”

    Good for YOU.  Why worry about things that are UNLIKELY to happen?         Mark Walker — known to the US Department of Justice as “Public Official A” — is still enjoying his time in the sun as a potential  Tillis…

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Politico: Mark Walker IS ‘Public Official A.’

  We raised the question about this anonymous official described in the indictment of Robin Hayes.  Politico appears to have found the answer: Republican Rep. Mark Walker has been caught up in a federal corruption probe that has rocked the North Carolina Republican Party and…

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#ncpol: Walker vs. Tillis ????

  Mark Walker  is the latest  name being thrown about by folks who really want to see special-interest-cash-whore Thom Tilli$$$ move on to do something else:   Sen. Thom Tillis (R-N.C.) is under fire from conservative activists for supporting a Democratic effort to block President…

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#ncpol: Mark Walker? (*SIGH*)

I had high hopes for this guy.  He had quite a bit of outsider street cred when he first ran.  But, sadly – like so many others who go to DC — he has fallen in love with the place: […] On Wednesday’s broadcast of…

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#ncpol: Mark Walker (R) gets kissy-face with Lee County Dems, (forgets?) to call local GOPers

That’s the take I’m getting from Lee County Republican leaders this weekend in the wake of the publication THIS driveby media article:  SANFORD — Sitting in the conference room at the Buggy Factory for a few hours may not sound like fun to most, but…

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#ncpol: Walker on the Tilli$$$$ amnesty train, too?

Thom The Therrible showed his cards on amnesty the other day.  Is Congressman Mark Walker signaling his intent to join Thom Tilli$$$  on that perilous journey?: […] Walker also wants Republicans to lead a new approach on overhauling the immigration system. “When Republicans talk about,…

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NCGOP congressional Cojones Check: Jones? Yep. Walker? Yep. Anyone else? (*Crickets*)

My that tough talk against “government waste” fades away fast once the polls close, doesn’t it?   Once again, the, um, “honorables” in DC shirked their constitutional duty to PASS A BUDGET.  Instead, they’ve hit us with yet another bloated, shameful “stopgap spending measure” to…