With Tucker OUT, Walker back to “exploring” a Tillis challenge



Congressmen Mark Walker (R) and George Holding (R) both got royally screwed by the new congressional maps.  They are now sitting in majority Democrat districts.



Holding has been quoted in the driveby media today saying that he would not run against another  House incumbent.  (Thom Tillis is a SENATE incumbent.)





Mark Walker has gone a step further and established an exploratory committee to look at running against either Ted Budd OR Tillis:



Rep.Mark Walker (R-N.C.) is actively considering a primary campaign against several fellow Republicans next year, including a potential bid against Sen.Thom Tillis (R), after new congressional district maps have put the three-term congressman’s political future in doubt.


Walker’s campaign paid for two polls in recent weeks, testing his chances against both Tillis and Rep. Ted Budd (R), according to three Republican sources with knowledge of the polls.


The first poll, testing Walker against Budd, showed Walker with a significant lead. The second, testing Walker against Tillis, was conducted over the long Thanksgiving weekend, though it was unclear Wednesday what those results showed. 


The polls come weeks after the North Carolina legislature redrew the state’s congressional district boundaries under order from a state court that ruled its previous boundaries were unconstitutional. The court accepted the newly drawn district lines this week.


Those new maps represent a conundrum for Walker, whose Greensboro-based district was one of two that became markedly more Democratic. His old district gave President Trump 56 percent of the vote in 2016. Under the newly drawn lines, Hillary Clinton would have won the district by a 20-point margin. 


The districts that neighbor Walker’s seat are far more conservative — but running in any of them would pit him against a fellow incumbent.


A little more than half of Walker’s current constituents will live in the 13th district, Budd’s seat. Three smaller counties he previously represented would be incorporated in the 10th district, held by Rep. Patrick McHenry (R). 


North Carolina Republicans have long expected Walker, a former chairman of the Republican Study Committee and the vice chairman of the House Republican Conference, to mount a statewide campaign at some point. Most expected him to wait until 2022, when Sen. Richard Burr (R) has said he will retire.  


But Walker’s polling against Tillis hints at a potential for an earlier matchup. Earlier this week, Tillis’s only prominent primary opponent, businessman Garland Tucker (R), ended his campaign. 


Walker has until Dec. 20, when filing closes in North Carolina, to decide his own future. He declined to comment on the polls, though he said he is keeping his options open.


“I feel no pressure to rush such an important decision,” Walker told The Hill. “While politicians in North Carolina rush to plant the flag of their own ambitions — disregarding the people they are privileged to serve and trading constituencies like baseball cards — our family will continue to pray and seek clarity on God’s path forward.”


Walker previously considered challenging Tillis after the senator backed a Democratic move to block funding for President Trump’s border wall. He initially decided against running earlier this year. 


Tillis’s campaign has already prepared for a potential primary fight, airing early advertisements after Tucker ran his own television spots. The Tillis campaign canceled its December ad buy once Tucker dropped out, though it has begun rescheduling those advertisements for January and February — including a significant $275,000 buy in the Greensboro market, Walker’s back yard. 


Tillis told reporters earlier this week he would win a primary if he faced a challenge. 


“Sen. Tillis, like President Trump, wants to keep the focus on defeating his potential Democratic challengers and their socialist and open border policies,” said Andrew Romeo, Tillis’s campaign spokesman.


Michael Luethy, Budd’s campaign spokesman, said Budd and Walker are friendly.


“Ted has served with integrity and conservative backbone, and he’s kept his word to stand up for Piedmont families,” Luethy said in an email. “Because of that he’s won tough races, and I don’t see anyone matching his conservative credentials.”


Walker faces significant potential headwinds in any race he decides to join. Several North Carolina Republicans not affiliated with Walker’s team pointed to a federal corruption probe in which he made phone calls on behalf of an indicted businessman trying to get a favorable ruling from the state insurance commissioner. 


Walker, identified in court documents as Public Official A, was not charged with wrongdoing in the case, though Republicans said the case would surely play a role if he were to challenge Tillis.


Another interesting tidbit — sources close to George Holding have been dropping hints about a senatorial filing happening in the next few business days.   Keep an eye on the two who got screwed by the maps.



15 thoughts on “With Tucker OUT, Walker back to “exploring” a Tillis challenge

  1. I will not vote for NC senate seat if all I have to choose from is a Dim, Rhino Tillis or Sandy”SOLAR”Smith or some other wanna be. I pray we will be able to vote for a true conservative that loves our country, will truly represent our district an is excited to work for Trump’s agenda. It appears Adam Schiff an Jerry Nadler are the most powerful people in our country?????????
    We need a strong person to replace Rhino Thom an stand up to the swamp. Then we need to replace Richard Burr.

    1. That’s confusing to me, Patty. I would have thought that fundraising would be EASY because of impeachment.

      After all, the left put on a show in which they tried their best to squelch all real evidence of what happened when our President made a skillful phone call to the President of Ukraine to congratulate him on winning election and lobby him to find out the truth about corruption in his country that involved the United States. Then, Empress Nancy announced that an impeachment will be held when not a shred of evidence had been cited which showed any presidential wrong-doing.

      And have you seen the Chanel Rion special with Rudy Giuliani and some of the Ukrainians involved that is running on One America News? I’ve seen parts 1 and 2. It’s the most amazing piece of investigative reporting I’ve ever seen! It isn’t complete yet. Ms. Rion and Mr. Giuliani have traveled to Europe in order to interview more Ukrainians (Ukrainians who were denied visas by the state department) who have first hand knowledge of American/Ukrainian wrong-doing. (Hint: It does NOT involve our president.)

      If you don’t currently get One American News and would like to see it, you can go to oneamericanewsnetwork.com and sign up. It costs $5.33 per month, and you can then play it on your TV with any streaming device. We use ROKU.

    2. The Trump campaign and the RNC are setting fundraising records due to impeachment. I would need a candidate for Senate could work that, too.

  2. AT&T, NSA, Nadler and Schiff releasing personal phone numbers and obtaining personal phone calls? Has Burr OR Tillis come out publicly to denounce? 1st amendment rights being trashed BY CONGRESS no less and any concern from our elected NC Leaders?

    Additionally, is that a way to say, don’t screw with the Dems, investigations or us because we can get your personal info? Didn’t BHO have a field day at this for 8Y? Where have we gone as a country? And, I for one, don’t think NC is being represented very well by our 2 senators and yes, I also am awaiting our Reps to speak up and out as well? Where are you Reps? Is this acceptable to you? Or have you been silenced as well?

    I’m not with AT&T but had I been, that would have been ended this wk. Wake up!!!!

  3. I would vote for Mark Walker over back stabbing RINO Thom Tillis any day. Tillis, and Burr are disgraceful black marks on the state of North Carolina. RINO Thom is setting himself up to be a career politician, and to become rich, and famous while dipping into the Taxpayers money with both hands. It is precisely people like Tillis, and Burr that give Republicans a bad name. I expect those kind of actions from Democrats being as all of them are moral-less criminals, and have as of late, revealed how anti-American they are. I, for one, want to purge the Republican Party of RINOs, and vote in strong Constitutional Conservatives that will fight for this Country, defend our values, and put the American People first, just like President Trump has done, and is doing.

    1. Agreed, I have problems with walker but this is a case where I’m willing to help a new bum throw out the old (and far worse) bum.

    2. Walker, or for that matter Holding, are far from perfect but a darn sight better than Terrible Thom Tillis. They also start out with good name ID is a major media market each, something no other challenger would have. Either one would offer an opportunity to take out Tillis.

      Holding has made noises about running in 2022 for the Burr seat, assuming Burr actually goes through with a retirement this time, but did not seem to rule out a Senate run in 2020. If he runs hard in 2020, he will have the pole position for 2022 if he loses, and will have a Senate seat if he beats Tillis. If he wimps out and just waits for 2022, then many of us will conclude he does not have the backbone for the position and be looking for someone else.

      At this point in time, Walker or Holding are the best shots at taking out Tillis, and we badly need to take out Tillis. The many people who booed Tillis at the Trump rallies is a good indication that the GOP base is fed up with him. The fact that Tillis has the worst home state approval rating in the entire US Senate also marks him as unelectable. Why in the heck did GOP leaders not pressure Tillis to cash out as a lobbyist or seek an appointment from Trump (ambassador to Ukraine?) or something?

      In a pinch, we need to get behind Sandy Smith, but I hope we will have a stronger candidate in the primary.

  4. Reaganite you need to go back an read your post on the 11/22/19 article regarding “Sandy Smith family biz”. I don’t understand why “in a pinch” we should get behind her. I rather not cast a vote for the senate seat than vote for anyone who is a fraud conservative. I do not believe she represents my interest at all. She represents Solar. All these Solar Farms will be dead waste land in the future. They need to be stopped before anymore of our precious N.C. farm land is poisoned with solar waste.

    1. Tillis and Smith are indeed both duds on renewable energy and its subsidies, which is an important issue. However, that is not the only issue around. Illegal immigration is an even more important one, and Tillis needs to be replaced on that one alone. I would rather have a better alternative, but if Smith is the only game in town, then the key is beating Tillis.

      Garland Tucker has really left us in the lurch with his late withdrawal. I was getting exciting about his candidacy, but now he bugs out on us.

  5. The evil we have is better than the unknown evil. Tillis is the known an Sandy Smith is the unknown. I do not believe she is a true conservative, she is the fraud conservative that will dance around all the important issues while targeting her personal interest. I will not trust anyone in the alternative energy business that touts otherwise. It is sad we are left with these choices to represent the grassroots.

  6. There may be some good news coming soon on this subject. Word is that Walker has a $1 million matching donation waiting for him from a national conservative group IF he gets into the race. A lot of the Tucker supporters have already pledged support to Walker and another whisper says that Walker is soon meeting with his good friend DJT to see what sort of kind remarks he would be willing to say if Walker got in. While there’s no way Trump could endorse the challenger to Tillis, he can express confidence in Walker such that, Tillis’ election-year loyalty to Trump becomes a non-issue. At that point, Walker can corner Tillis back into defending his record.

    Of course, the wildcard in this what-if game is a certain Tillis-nominated US Attorney named Andrew Murray. He’s the former Charlotte DA who had a reputation of endorsing Democrat judicial candidates. (No wonder backstabber Tillis nominated him!) At any rate, Murray is the US Attorney who listed “Candidate A” in the aforementioned indictment. Just like any other Chicago-style, old-school, corrupt politicians, Tillis has a prosecutor in his back pocket, so watch this one very closely.

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