Google,um, “notices” us.



It all  started about a year or two ago when Google’s search engine results for our site labeled us as “potential malware” and cautioned users not to click on the link for The Haymaker.  (Of course there was no malware.  After no small amount of griping, the disclaimer was removed.)

As you know,  one of the ways this site supports itself is via Google ads.  I logged into my Google ad account the other day to check the balance, and this is what I saw:


Canceled?  Not by me — the only person outside of Google with control over the account.  There is a button to “reactivate” the account.  I clicked it, and nothing happened.


I’ve heard stories about stuff like this happening.  I just never thought I’d be subjected to it.  DuckDuckGo is a great search engine that doesn’t play politics or track you.  Why should we continue to support a company that hates our guts and tries to silence us?