Some thoughts on filing (thus far)




Here is the latest list. 


Revenge. Rematch.  etc.  It seems a number of folks are attempting to regain posts they lost in 2018.   Former senator Mike Lee appears to be attempting a comeback in the Wilmington area.  Over in the Fayetteville area,   former senator Wesley Meredith is attempting a comeback.

Over in the Charlotte area,  John Bradford is trying to regain the House seat he lost in  2018 — and evidently make amends for being the first Republican EVER to lose the seat to a Democrat.  Bill Brawley (R) is trying to regain the House seat he lost in  a nail-biter to Democrat Rachel Hunt.

Over in western North Carolina,  former Rep.  Tim Moffitt (R) is attempting a comeback to the lower chamber on Jones Street.  He lost his last race for re-election the year Tillis graduated to DC.  Over in the same region,  former Rep.  Mike Clampitt is also attempting a comeback to Raleigh.


I don’t see ANY of the 2018 loser-incumbents from Wake County attempting to come back to Jones Street.


Waiting.  Waiting.  Waiting.   We’ve heard about so many people  planning to run.  Some are even running around the countryside with signs declaring they’re running.   But they’re NOT YET on the state board of elections FILED list.  DPI superintendent Mark Johnson claimed he was quitting to run for Lt. Governor.  Well,  a Republican legislator has filed for DPI.  A gaggle of people  has filed for Lt. Governor.  But none of them are named Mark Johnson.  (Is he possibly waiting around for that gaggle to get even bigger?)


There are at least TWO guys (neither named Murphy) running around the Third Congressional District claiming they’re seeking the Republican nomination for Congress from there.   Murphy, for the record, has filed for reelection.


A Republican has filed for the 2nd congressional district seat George Holding has surrendered. Yet, there is no sign of incumbent Mark Walker in the Sixth.  The Word IS that he has bigger things on his mind, right now.


Local Republican chairman Lee Haywood is one of two Republicans who have filed for the seat in the Sixth.


If you’re an incumbent, and you drag your feet too long,  you’re in danger of gaining some primary challengers who honestly thought you weren’t running again.


Filing ends the 20th.