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Moore County GOP candidate for DA an OBAMA DONOR ???

  That is what it looks like. In the March 2020 primary,  Hoke attorney Mike Hardin had been primarying incumbent Maureen Krueger.  Krueger dropped out of the race and endorsed Art Donadio.   The state board of elections website indicates there is only ONE Arthur…

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Yee-haw! Tilli$ i$ in Texa$! (Gue$$ Why.)

  The two most unpopular US senators — both up for reelection in 2020 — are in San Antonio schmoozing.     Neither one of them — Thom Tilli$$ (R-NC) nor Cory Gardner (R-CO) — represent Texas. But they’re THERE:   The United States Senate…

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RINO Report: At least TWO Paul Shumaker “horses” line up for 2020 races

  Former state senator Tamara Barringer has apparently picked up the NCGOP “endorsement” for state Supreme Court. While on Jones Street, year-in-and-out, she ranked as the (or one of the) most liberal Republicans in the chamber.     Let’s hop in the wayback machine and…

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Tillis lying his way to the finish line

  LIE is the nicest word I can come up with to describe the latest ad from the Thom Tillis reelection campaign. (It’s running every day during Rush’s show. )  Here are some samples of its claims: The funniest part?  It plays clips of President…

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Do what you were elected to do, and the sharks come for you

    It’s a sad state of affairs that the three most likely folks to draw well-funded opponents in 2020 are treasurer Dale Folwell, insurance commissioner Mike Causey, and auditor Beth Wood.  All three have done an outstanding job of looking out for the little…

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Will complaint against Robeson elections chairman disappear down that same Raleigh ‘black hole’ that ate 2015 ethics complaint against David Lewis?

    Inquiring minds want to know.   It’s easy to say:   “We got Dan Bishop elected, now move on.”   But is it about more than that?  Do we really want to ensure that all 100 counties run elections as cleanly as possible?  Or are…

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#ncpol: Holly Grange throws a fit

  “Do you know WHO I am ?????”   That’s a question that likely opens a lot of doors for state Rep. Holly Grange in the vicinity of Raleigh’s Jones Street and among Wilmington’s country-club set.  But earlier this week — out among “the real…

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The unholy alliance between abortionists and the enviro-wackos

  This is something that has folks on the left and the right perturbed.  (For different reasons, though.)  One of the more significant money-men behind this political alliance is apparently a North Carolinian named Fred Stanback.   Here’s the story on the moneyed Salisbury resident…

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“Identity Politics” claim puts Dems on defense

  GOP gubernatorial frontrunner Dan Forest denounced ‘identity politics’  during the official kickoff for his campaign.  What was he talking about?  The leftist habit of hyphenating Americans, pigeonholing them, and then throwing something to each group that votes, um, “right.”   Leftists are throwing a,…

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RINO Stampede! (David Lewis & Harnett mafia dump Nee-Nee, gallop to Gebhardt)

  Renee Ellmers is not raising any money.  And that’s mostly what her RINO friends in Wake and Harnett counties care about.  It appears the David Lewis machine is gravitating rapidly toward former Lewis aide, current solar lobbyist, and failed RNC committeeman candidate Greg Gebhardt….