Challenging electoral college NEVER DONE BEFORE? (Try THREE TIMES since 2000.)


One of the biggest lies being circulated by Democrats,  the drive-by media, and the sellout GOPe is that the current effort to challenge the electoral college results is “unprecedented.”



“Unprecedented” means basically that something — in this case, challenging the electoral college results — has no precedent.  It hasn’t happened before.



I did a quick search of drive-by propaganda and found that it has actually been tried –BY THE DEMOCRATS — three times prior to this year:


[…] Members of the party that lost the presidential election have raised objections after nearly every election since 2000. All have failed, and only one succeeded in splitting the chambers to force them to debate one challenge.

When certifying the contentious 2000 election, House Democrats tried to challenge Vice President Al Gore’s loss using Florida’s electoral votes, but they couldn’t find a Senate partner to get things started.[…]


So,  the year 2000.  That’s ONE precedent.  Let’s keep looking:

[…] In 2005, House Democrats challenged President George W. Bush’s reelection the same way over the result in Ohio.Then-Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) joined them, but the effort was quashed pretty quickly, including by her fellow Democrats in the Senate. House Democrats tried again in 2016 to challenge Trump’s win, but no senator was willing to stand with them. […]

Okay.  So, we’ve got at least three precedents since 2000 — 2000, 2004, and 2016.  So,  the next RINO or Democrat or drive-by who throws out that word “unprecedented”,  can be safely called out as a LIAR.