Welcome to The Biden era, part II


A Democrat member of the US House offered a prayer today that he ended with “A-Women”,  instead of “Amen.”

Nancy Pelosi is taking things a step further:


[…] Lawmakers would also change “pronouns and familial relationships in the House rules to be gender neutral,” make permanent the Office of Diversity and Inclusion and require a survey of the diversity of witness panels at committee hearings.[…] 


So,  “wife,”  “husband”, “girlfriend” and “boyfriend” would be banned.  As would pronouns such as “He,” or “She.”



Democrats have also changed House Rules to make it even harder for Republicans to offer amendments to legislation being debated.  Our side is worrying about making the Democrats mad about this vote fraud audit.  Yet, here THEY go running over the GOP with a concrete truck REPEATEDLY.   When Republicans are in charge, there is an effort to be courteous and considerate to the chamber’s minority.  NOT SO when Democrats are in charge.


It’s just like the GOP to bring knives to a gun fight.  If GOPers roll over and play dead on Wednesday,  THIS kind of stuff is what we’ve got to look forward to and tolerate for the next eight years.