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Thom’s tholl road makes a cameo in campaign 2018

Dan Forest says I-77 is all Roy Cooper’s fault.  Jeff Tarte’s November opponent says it’s HIS fault.  (Tarte says cancel the contract, worry about paying for it later.)  Voters in November 2016 said it was all Pat McCrry’s fault. Cooper’s team says it’s too expensive…

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#ncpol: Meet John F. Kerry, version 2.0.

In 2004, the Democrats treated us to a presidential candidate who would not let us forget that he had served IN the military AND IN VIETNAM. He had an Ivy League education. He also had a lot of money at his disposal. Fortunately for the…

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#ncpol: Meadows, Budd, Jones still NC’s top 3 conservatives in DC

Congressmen Mark Meadows, Ted Budd, and Walter Jones are holding firm as the top three conservatives from North Carolina in the latest congressional rankings from Conservative Review. Meadows (95%-A), Budd (95%-A), and Jones (86%-B) lead the delegation to DC.  They are followed by Mark Walker…

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How many votes to impeach Dallas?

The cartoon character is at it again.  (IF ONLY we could get the brain to vet things before they come out of his mouth …): The state Republican Party executive director raised the possibility that state Supreme Court justices could be impeached if they ruled…

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Chelsea Clinton: Abortion = economic BOOM!

While drivebys and Democrats in North Carolina have been parsing the words of EVERY Mark Harris sermon, the daughter of the Left’s most-beloved, most-worshipped couple is out touting the economic benefits of killing babies: No one can accuse the Clintons of failing to prioritize profit…

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Steinburg: No comment on my b-ball deal. (On my opponent? SURE.)

Stein-ball a/k/a The Steinburg Invitational has finally caught the interest of Bob Steinburg’s Democrat opponent in November: Cole Phelps, the Democratic candidate in state Senate District 1, criticized his Republican opponent, Bob Steinburg, on Saturday for seeking and receiving a $50,000 sports marketing contract from…

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#ncga: Ken Goodman, RADICAL LEFTIST ???

That wacky political operation for the House GOP caucus is at it again.  I called them out once already for going over the top.  Now, they’re just really reaching and stretching, and, and, and ….(*SIGH*) Let’s look back at a fellow named William Brisson.  He…

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Effort afoot to return controversial edu-crat to Lee County?

Dr. Jeff Moss has a way of stirring things up wherever he goes.  Until 2013, Moss had a stormy tenure as superintendent of schools in Lee County, North Carolina.  He left that position in  2013 to take the superintendent job in Beaufort County, South Carolina….

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John Hood: Take down confederate monuments, but be NICE about it.

(I call this continued-cocktail-party-invitation-insurance.)  “Mr. Conservative” has been tap-dancing around for months now babbling about “civility” in politics.  Here he is begging for some of that “civility” in the fight to wipe all traces of Confederate history from the face of the planet: If critics…

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McCrory putting the shiv to Raleigh Republicans

They hated his guts while he was governor.  But ol’ Pat sure is giving the lefties what they need these days. Exhibit 1:  McCrory has teamed up with the other living former governors (Hunt, Easley, Perdue, Martin) to publicly campaign AGAINST two of the constitutional…