NC-03: Put up or shut up time


It’s easy to talk a lot of junk.  It’s another thing altogether to pay a filing fee and sign your name on the dotted line.  The filing for the special election to replace the late Walter Jones in the US House of Representatives kicked off today.

So far, we have TWO Democrats and FOUR Republicans who have stepped forward.

New Bern mayor Dana Outlaw was a surprise Democrat filer.   He pulled out a reelection victory in 2017 in a tight, three-way race.  He’ll be joined by Ike Johnson (D) of Jacksonville,  a retired Marine who provided state Rep. George Cleveland (R) with a spirited challenge in 2018.

There really were no surprises on the GOP side of the fence.   State Reps.  Mike Speciale (R-Craven) and Greg Murphy (R-Pitt) filed today.  Perennial candidate Phil Law, a second place finisher in the 2018 GOP primary for this seat, has also filed.   Michele Nix of Kinston, who announced her resignation as NCGOP vice-chairman this week, rounded out today’s foursome of GOP filers today.

This district leans strongly Republican.  So, the eventual winner will likely come from the GOP field.

Filing continues through the end of the week.  Keep in mind that there are also slots available for Green, Libertarian, and Constitution Party members, as well as unaffiliated candidates.   The NC-03 primaries will take place on April 30.  The runoff (if no one reaches 30 percent) or general election will be held on July 9.  September 10 will be the general election IF a runoff has to be held. 

A filing and election schedule has been announced for the Ninth District’s special election as well.    Filing for the Ninth District will take place between March 11 and March 15.  The primary will be held on May 14.  September 10 will be the runoff (if no one reaches 30 percent) or possibly the general election.    November 5 will be the general election IF a runoff is required. 

6 thoughts on “NC-03: Put up or shut up time

  1. Walter Jones was always a fighter, refusing to cave in to either the Democrats or the GOP establishment. He was a budget hawk who fought against piling on more and more federal programs and spending and an immigration hawk fighting to secure our borders and crack down on illegal immigration. Walter’s voting record always ranked as one of the most conservative in the NC delegation. We need another congressman like Walter Jones.

    Too often, we see Republican candidates throwing around the term “conservative” when they are really not. We need to be sure we get someone who will walk the walk, like Walter did, not just talk the talk. Past records are the best indicator of that. The legislators who have announced offer a clear choice in that regard. Only one has proven that he walks the walk, and that is Michael Speciale. The others too often cave in to the Democrats or to the less than conservative leadership far too often. One of them has even repeatedly introduced bills to create new social programs.

    Of those candidates who have not held public office, two have records in other positions that give a clue to their dependability as conservatives. Michele Nix has a record at NC-GOP that can be read different ways, and has attracted comments here in the Haymaker. Francis deLuca has a record at Civitas, where he has been a proven conservative on issues and also a fighter. He resisted John Hood pushing the organization in a more establishment direction and then resigned when the situation become intolerable and there was no hope in reversing it. Carpetbagging into the district, however, may make him not the most viable candidate. Jeff Moore’s writing on policy issues over at First in Freedom Daily, also give him a record of conservatism. Nonetheless, being in the crucible of elected office is a better indicator than others.

    Conservatives need to unite behind one candidate if we are going to nominate someone of the caliber of Walter Jones, and the clear choice is the strong conservative with a proven record who topped the straw poll of party leaders of the 3rd Congressional District, and that is, of course, Rep. Michael Speciale, chairman of the NC House Freedom Caucus. The other legislators running have shunned conservatism by not even joining the Freedom Caucus and would be likely to do so in the US House as well.

  2. Couldn’t there be a temporary replacement named ? The way the democrat Cooper has things laid out, residents of District three will have no Congressional representation until possibly September.
    For certain, that is one GOP vote that will not take place. For certain, even a RINO replacement might vote with the conservatives once in a while. Of course, the folks that are putting their names on the ballot could turn out to be like Tillis, who should change his party affiliation! God please help us in Eastern NC.

    1. How? Murphy’s legislative record is what in the military would be called a target rich environment. The Democrats are demanding the Obamacare Medicaid expansion, and Murphy’s tweaks it just a little, putting some lipstick on the pig and introduces his own Obamacare Medicaid expansion bill. That is not fighting the Democrats. That is being a surrender monkey and caving in to them.

      That is not the only new big government program that Murphy has pushed. He introduced the bill to implement Michelle Obama’s “food deserts” boondoggle in North Carolina.

      Unlike Walter Jones who constantly fought big government giveaway programs, Murphy seems to be a fan of them.

      Another good example of Murphy being a surrender monkey to Democrats is his being in the liberal half of the GOP legislative caucus which knuckled under to Roy Cooper and the corporate bullies and voted to repeal our bathroom privacy law, HB2, and that repeal bill was even worse than a straight repeal because it also gave new powers to local governments to impose “social justice” crap on citizens beginning in 2020.

      Walter Jones had a great record of fighting the Democrats and the establishment within our own party. Greg Murphy just waves the white flag of a surrender monkey. That is NOT what we need in Congress. We also need to remember that Murphy was one of those who tested the waters to actually run against Walter in last year’s primary.

  3. We in the 3rd are watching closely! We need a person that can fill these big shoes left by Walter Jones!

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