#ncpol: Anti-Trumpers airing ads THANKING Thilli$$$ for his help.

Some of the leading opponents of President Donald Trump in the DC establishment are coming together to air ads in Charlotte and Raleigh praising US Senator Thom Tilli$$$ for his work in keeping special prosecutor Robert Mueller employed:

Washington, DC– Republicans for the Rule of Law was recently founded by Bill Kristol, Mona Charen, and Linda Chavez–along with a broad coalition of conservatives and Republicans–to represent the majority of Republicans who believe special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation should be completed without political interference.

In anticipation of Thursday’s Senate Judiciary Committee vote on the Special Counsel Integrity Act, and to praise Senator Thom Tillis’ leadership on this issue, Republicans for the Rule of Law is airing this ad for the first time in Charlotte and Raleigh on Tuesday and Wednesday on Fox News.

The ad highlights Robert Mueller’s integrity and goes on to show the consensus among Republic leadership that he should be allowed to finish his job.[…]

9 thoughts on “#ncpol: Anti-Trumpers airing ads THANKING Thilli$$$ for his help.

  1. Precisely why my status changed to Unaffiliated. What a huge embarrassment this man is.

  2. Tillis claims the Mueller investigation is objective and non-partisan. How is that, Thom when Mueller has hired a boatload of very partisan Democrats for his team and not a single identifiable Republican. Looks more like an old fashioned western neck tie party to me. And since when are Mueller’s police state tactics objective?

    It wasn’t that long ago that Mitch McConnell claimed he was not going to allow this bill on the floor. Kentucky voters need to change their senior senator as much as NC voters need to change both of ours.

  3. Tillis is, has been, and always be a problem. The good citizens of NC need to vote out the governor along with Burr and Tillis.

  4. We need more qualified Republicans to step forward and run. Tillis, Burr and especially Cooper need to go. People in SC have the same problems, getting rid of Graham. People of NC still wonder if Cooper truly won the race

  5. We need to send Tillis packing, but is everyone calling for his replacement willing to donate 50 bucks to a well-vetted Republican candidate to beat Tillis?

    It’ll take a lot of money to unseat this disgraceful RINO. Are we willing to put our money where our mouth is?

  6. What is so scary are the number of Republican leaders in Raleigh that still bow at the feet of Thom Tillis. Money has taken a front seat ahead of integrity as far as these people are concerned, and Tillis brings in a lot of money to the Republican Party for his support of P3s from ALEC:
    https://pundithouse.com/2015/07/alec-the-best-connected-toll-road-lobbyist-in-north-carolina/ P3s don’t mix well with a pull-back in government spending, just ask the people in North Mecklenburg.

    1. Waiting for the excuses from the Tillis apologists and bootlickers. This man has deemed himself as the dictator in chief and obviously has absolutely no regard for the Constitution he took an oath to uphold.

      If the NCGOP wants to know what’s wrong with the party, why people are leaving the party and refusing to help, they need only look at the likes of Tillis. He is the poster child for everything wrong with the GOP.

  7. A cheap trick from a cheap, backstabbing pol. Don’t count on our forgetting in 2020. Instead of looking Vice Presidential or Presidential, Tillis looks and sounds like a traitor. You and your ilk squandered an opportunity to do great things for America, but your pettiness and hubris trumped any patriotism you had, leaving you all exposed as self-serving kakistocrats.

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