#ncpol: Anti-Trumpers airing ads THANKING Thilli$$$ for his help.

Some of the leading opponents of President Donald Trump in the DC establishment are coming together to air ads in Charlotte and Raleigh praising US Senator Thom Tilli$$$ for his work in keeping special prosecutor Robert Mueller employed:

Washington, DC– Republicans for the Rule of Law was recently founded by Bill Kristol, Mona Charen, and Linda Chavez–along with a broad coalition of conservatives and Republicans–to represent the majority of Republicans who believe special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation should be completed without political interference.

In anticipation of Thursday’s Senate Judiciary Committee vote on the Special Counsel Integrity Act, and to praise Senator Thom Tillis’ leadership on this issue, Republicans for the Rule of Law is airing this ad for the first time in Charlotte and Raleigh on Tuesday and Wednesday on Fox News.

The ad highlights Robert Mueller’s integrity and goes on to show the consensus among Republic leadership that he should be allowed to finish his job.[…]