#ncpol: Hung out to dry

The liberal jackals are snarling for the chance to taste Tom Farr’s blood. He’s a lawyer who has been  a good soldier for the NCGOP over the years.  He did some legal work two decades ago for our five-times duly-elected US senator Jesse Helms.  And, for that, the late senator, his associates, and Farr are being smeared as Nazis, Klansmen, the disenfranchisers of black voters and the killers of black babies.

So much for honest debate about the issues.  The leftists are out to destroy Farr,

What makes it worse is that the guys who recommended Farr for a federal judgeship — Thom Tillis and Richard Burr — are standing by silently while the Soros Gang guts and defenestrates Farr.

That jheri-curled jackass, The Round Rev is running around peddling slanderous talking points about Farr first penned by the Southern Poverty Law Center (the folks who brought you the shooting / murder at the DC offices of the Family Research Council. )  The New York Times has run Barber’s bullshit.   Now The Charlotte Observer is stinking up its website with it.

THESE are the people Mark Walker wants to make nice with — start a dialogue with.  The Left is on a war footing to take control of every last aspect of our culture.  Tom Farr is a solid, well-qualified jurist who would do well on the federal bench.  It’s despicable to subject him to this kind of slander. Doubly despicable when coming from an alleged man-of-the-cloth.

Disagreeing with Tom Farr on the issues is one thing.  Ripping him to shreds for the “sin” of being nominated-while-conservative is another.

Here in North Carolina, we’ve seen the havoc leftist judges pushed on us by the DC swamp first-hand.  By backing President Donald Trump in 2016, we sent a message loud and clear what we want done in The Nation’s Capital.

Thom Tillis and Richard Burr need to get up off their asses and provide some return / cover fire for Mr. Farr.


11 thoughts on “#ncpol: Hung out to dry

  1. “The Left is on a war footing to take control of every last aspect of our culture.”
    Please, the Left has no power. All three branches of the Federal Government are run by the GOP.
    Considering nominee Petersen’s recent nomination hearing to the Federal judgeship we better be looking closely at who this administration is sending to the bench.

    1. You must be living on Mars. MSM has as much power as any branch, which is exactly why they are considered an extension of the of the Democratic Party. The historical bias of Barber is prima facie evidence to ignore his complaints today. As far as doubting current nominees’ qualifications, you might examine the left’s candidates. For e.g.,the lefts’ refusal to examine cases but relying instead on statistical analysis, the rejection of quotas but then accepting universities & businesses use of quotas in hiring/accepting etc. A jurist who might demand to see evidence, heaven forbid!

  2. Nobody with any sense would listen to a word that the tubby Soros-owned Bolshevik Bully Barber had to say, but it is somehow not surprising that the Pravda on the Hudson lapped it up.

    Our federal courts are stuffed with far left Obama judges who rule on feelings and ideology instead of the law, thanks to Burr being MIA in fighting to stop their confirmation and that is now hurting NC. It is time Burr and Tillis got off their butts and stood up for good conservatives who are being smeared by this lying Marxist suckweasel Barber.

  3. The reason T Farr is so reviled is because he is so smart. The left knows he has successfully used their own arguments on the voter rights’ act against them when he developed the legal defense of NC’s voter maps.

    Tom Farr out-liberaled the liberals because he did what the left claimed the voter rights’ act must do – ensure minority representation. Now that the maps did too good a job at that – that is, some districts were heavily leftist – leaving a larger number of other districts leftist-free – the left is upset – it is very much like watching a dog caught in a trap be forced to chew off its paw to escape.

    Once again, unfortunately, we are witnessing the conservatives’ lack of solidarity. Were this reversed, a dem mayor would have already given the keys to their city to Mr. Farr and the newspapers would have declared him Tarheel of the year – thereby ensuring his nomination and confirmation in DC.

  4. If you are counting on those 2 “Profiles in Courage” we sent to the Senate to defend Farr hell will freeze over first. You will find them on a milk carton in your local grocery store. This is just a direct attack on the late great Sen Jesse Helms and anyone who was affiliated with him. Has anyone heard the rotund Carter Wrenn,a confederate of the late Senator say anything about Farr? I hear crickets?

  5. Sorry, but all the KKK klansmen were Democrats! Just ask Rep. John Lewis who whacked him over the head while marching over the Edmund Pettus Bridge, or who sprayed him with fire hoses or loosed the dogs on him while marching on city streets. If Lewis has a shred of integrity, he’ll tell you that all were state patrolmen, county sheriffs or city police, all were Klansmen, and all were Democrats.

  6. “…. defenestrates”. Never heard that word but I’m guessing it hurts “to be defenestrated”, especially on a full stomach. 🙂

    Disciples in Bully Barber’s cult believe ANYTHING he screeches…

    1. Defenestration (throwing someone out a window, generally to their death) has a much more extensive history in Europe than in the US. It was a quite popular way of killing political opponents in Prague from medieval times right up until the communist takeover in 1948 when the top non-communist politician was eliminated by throwing him out a window. In one medieval instance, the intended victim survived and walked away because he landed in the waste pile of Prague Castle – everything from human and animal waste to kitchen garbage – which softened his fall. Malta had a rather late example in the early 19th century, when following Napolean’s seizure of the island from the Knights of Malta, a peasant revolt against the French started with the mayor of a major inland town throwing his local French garrison commander out a window to his death, inspiring an uprising that took over all of the island except its capital city. But I do not recall any defenestrations that had political implications on this side of the Atlantic.

      I would hate to think of the mess that a defenestration of fat boy Barber would make.

  7. This is what you get when you fall for phony 5th year “conservatives” like Tillis and Burr. And sadly, most GOP primary voters do exactly that. Assuming Tillis plans to run for office in 2020, expect him to simulate tacking rightward sometime late in 2018.

    1. Burr did not even do the 5th year rightward tack seen so often in other states like with turncoat Orrin Hatch last election. Burr probably did intend to retire until talked out of it by McConnell, Rove, and Shumaker.

      Tillis’ liberalism is so “in your face” that I doubt he will change. He is on the Lindsay Graham path, but at least in NC, Democrats cannot vote in our primaries like they can in SC.

  8. Burr/Tillis bring on the cry to abolish the 17th Amendment, and Robin Hayes/Dallas Woodhouse provide the debate material.

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