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NC-09: Bishop says Meck sheriff needs to go, dept needs to cooperate with ICE

  State senator Dan Bishop, GOP nominee for the Ninth Congressional District, is laying down the law with the Mecklenburg County sheriff:   Republican state Sen. Dan Bishop on Tuesday called on Mecklenburg Sheriff Garry McFadden to resign over what he called the “reckless policies”…

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Catching a snake, but not a break.

  I’m just going  to leave this right here. (Read to the bottom.)  

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#hayesscandal: Trial by Sept. ?

    Thaaaaaaaaat is what the drive-bys are reporting.     Robin Hayes,  NCGOP chairman UNTIL YESTERDAY,  and his three co-defendants could be in  front of a trial judge as early as September of this year.   (Meanwhile,  Republican candidates will be facing off against…

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The NCGOP 2019 convention: The decline and fall of a political party.

  It had all the chaos of the Venezuelan economy (and every bit of the integrity of that country’s elections).  But — once again — the crowd that gave us Eli Global, Robin Hayes, and those five criminal counts has managed to maintain its stranglehold…

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Report: Dems fretting about their prospects for Tillis seat

  State senator Erica Smith (D) HAS a dream:   Before Thom Tillis was a vulnerable Republican senator, before Barack Obama became the first black president and while Donald Trump was embarking on an early season of his hit NBC show “The Apprentice,” Erica Smith…

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NC-03: Pay no attention to what I said (and did) ON TAPE

  It takes a whole lot of gall to deny saying or doing stuff that you can be seen and heard doing ON TAPE. But Joan Perry is mastering that trick beautifully — all while spouting Bible verses.   During Monday’s debate with Greg Murphy,…

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NC-09: Is case against Dowless, Harris falling apart before our eyes?

  The Raleigh-based Voter Integrity Project, says YES:   In response to our Monday report, Voter Integrity Project has received a copy of the 5-page Civilian Absentee Voting Instruction sheet that was sent to all absentee voters in the 2018 mid-term elections which proves that…

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Shaking down legislators, NCGA lobbyists to save ol’ Thom?

  Once again, we’ve got mail.     Lunch on  a Monday in Raleigh with lil’ Timmy, fossilized Leo, and Phil  Berger’s beard stubble.  *Golly, gee. Clear my calendar.* Garland Tucker has lined up a fundraiser  whose sponsors include  four dozen or so heavy hitters…

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NC-03: Dr. Joan and the tell-tale (deleted) tweet

  Joan Perry and Greg Murphy, the two GOP combatants for the Third Congressional District,  got together for a rather contentious chat at Pitt Community College last night.     Things started off with a bang during Murphy’s opening statement.  He cited the falsehood-laden attack…

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NC-03: House Freedom Caucus steps up to defend Murphy

  The House Freedom Fund, the political wing of the Mark Meadows-chaired House Freedom Caucus, has returned fire via a mass e-mail  at the group that earlier launched an attack ad against congressional candidate Greg Murphy:     (Oh, here’s the documentation about her endorsing…