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WHAT education cuts?

Bill Barber’s cheering section / steno pool at McClatchy and WRAL have been bombarding us with stories about draconian spending cuts to education rammed through the GOP-dominated General Assembly.  *Kids are gonna get dumber, and it’s ALL the Republicans’ fault.* Were there really cuts to…

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SPECIAL DELIVERY: June needed paper. Dan gave her some paper.

  Well, that didn’t take long. Lt Gov. Dan Forest sent DPI Secretary June Atkinson roughly 20 pages worth of questions about the controversial Common Core curriculum.    Did Lt. Dan get his answers? Not exactly.  Atkinson’s team at DPI responded by telling Forest’s office that…

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DPI’s Atkinson: teacher pay turning teachers off to NC. (Your beloved common core isn’t helping much.)

June Atkinson (D), our state’s superintendent of public instruction, is turning to that old saw that proves to be a winner for politicians again and again:  Teachers need to be paid more. Let’s see.  A Democrat-controlled legislature paid no attention to her on this subject….

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INCOMING !!!! : ‘Lt. Dan’ opens fire on Common Core

Now THIS is what I’m talking about.  The Dan Forest we grew to love on the campaign trail appears to be BACK.  ln a recently released YouTube video, North Carolina’s rookie lieutenant governor is throwing everything but the kitchen sink at the controversial common core…

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Common Core, our kids, our state’s future, and surrender by the NCGOP establishment

  Recently, I’ve been subjected to some insinuations that my Christianity and my conservatism are in question because I dare to raise questions about the leadership of the North Carolina House of Representatives.  In fact, this little gem has been circulating lately around Facebook. If…

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FOR THE CHILDREN: In Moore County, school board wages political disinformation war to gouge the taxpayers

  Facts can be inconvenient things. Especially when your own in-house records contradict the spin you are peddling to the public. Moore County schools superintendent Aaron Spence and the members of the county school board have been all over the place — local radio, speaking…

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What’s 4’11,” has two thumbs, and will cost us $520,000 per year?

  Answer:  THIS WOMAN.  Carol Folt, acting president of Darthmouth College, was named this week as the first female chancellor of The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.   We’ve written previously about all of the capitalism-hating lefties making a KILLING while on the…

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Wanna get rich? Get a job with UNC!

  Campus lefties are crying over Gov. Pat’s plans to cut $140 million from the UNC system.   The lefties suggest that cutting even ONE PENNY from the university system budget will critically damage the quality of higher education in North Carolina.  Really? Let’s look at…

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(WHAT academic freedom?) : Lefties celebrate the fall of the Speaker Ban

            The Speaker Ban After 50 Years — The legislature at its Worst?  That’s the headline slapped on top of the latest missive from Rob Christensen, McClatchy-Raleigh’s “Mr. Politics”: It was one of the most infamous acts of the legislature…

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Lefties LOSE IT over Senator Tillman’s charter school proposal

  It’s absolutely refreshing to hear an elected official championing the supremacy of the free market over the iron-fist of the bureaucracy.  Legislation introduced by state Senator Jerry Tillman (R-Randolph) seeks to enhance innovation within public education and diminish the influence of the education establishment….