UNC J-School donor demands objectivity. Drive-bys + Chapel Hill mob vent. *Women and minorities affected most.* (Film at 11.)

The drive-bys got their grubby hands on a copy of the agreement that big donor — whose cash was the catalyst for the Orange Beast drama — enacted with UNC:

[…]In 2019, UNC-Chapel Hill announced a $25 million gift from alumnus Walter Hussman Jr. that put his name on UNC’s School of Media and Journalism.

Two years later, the details of that contract — which have been shared with The News & Observer — and the access and influence that donation gave Hussman, are coming to light.

Faculty and staff at the journalism school have become increasingly concerned about Hussman after published reports detailed his emails to university officialsabout the hiring of journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones.

Hussman shared with officials his concerns about Hannah-Jones’ work on The New York Times’ 1619 Project while she was seeking tenure, which many saw as unwarranted interference.[…]

“Many” is a popular term used by drive-bys to hide the fact they are interjecting their own opinion into the story. ( *Example:  “Many think Donald Trump is the spawn of Satan.*)


[…]Hannah-Jones’ hire and tenure appointment erupted into a national controversy, particularly concerning Hussman’s involvement.

Hussman has said he never tried to prevent her hire, and that Hannah-Jones’ tenure appointment wouldn’t affect his giving.[…]

Translation:  Hussman is no fool.  Now that his true thoughts are in the open,  he doesn’t want the BLM, Antifa and Chapel Hill mobs beating on his front door all day and night. (It’s called ‘damage control.’  In. this case, we’re talking literal damage.)



[…]The News & Observer obtained a copy of the “gift intention agreement,” which answers some questions about the strings attached to Hussman’s money.

The contract between the Hussman Family Foundation, UNC-Chapel Hill and the UNC-CH Foundation, INC was made July 11, 2019 and the gift was announced in September 2019.

In an interview with The News & Observer, Hussman said he wanted to make clear that no one in his family shared the contract. And he’s worried that future donors might be hesitant to give knowing their agreements might not be kept confidential.

“We’re more worried about what this is going to do to the university than about our personal disclosure,” Hussman said.

Hussman sent a letter to Chancellor Guskiewicz Wednesday reaffirming his financial commitment to the university.

“First things first: my personal and financial commitment to the University remains unshaken,” Hussman wrote.

He also wanted to “set the record straight regarding the Knight Chair,” in an effort to move past the controversy over Hannah-Jones tenure. Hussman reiterated his previous statements explaining that he did not seek involvement in the matter and he didn’t threaten or imply that his money was tied to the outcome.


Hussman tied his donation to the school to their adherence to some “core values” he believes should be taught to aspiring journalists.  THIS really teed off the drive-by, faculty lounge, and drum circle crowds.  *How dare you tell us how to spend your money!* :

[…] Impartiality means reporting, editing, and delivering the news honestly, fairly, objectively, and without personal opinion or bias.

Credibility is the greatest asset of any news medium, and impartiality is the greatest source of credibility.

To provide the most complete report, a news organization must not just cover the news, but uncover it. It must follow the story wherever it leads, regardless of any preconceived ideas on what might be most newsworthy.

The pursuit of truth is a noble goal of journalism. But the truth is not always apparent or known immediately. Journalists’ role is therefore not to determine what they believe at that time to be the truth and reveal only that to their readers, but rather to report as completely and impartially as possible all verifiable facts so that readers can, based on their own knowledge and experience, determine what they believe to be the truth.

When a newspaper delivers both news and opinions, the impartiality and credibility of the news organization can be questioned. To minimize this as much as possible there needs to be a sharp and clear distinction between news and opinion, both to those providing and consuming the news.[…]

According to the drive-bys,  the J-School faculty have “concerns” about Hussman’s core values:

[…] UNC-CH journalism faculty and staff met Wednesday to discuss how Hussman’s values are affecting the school and its future. The group says they have grown concerned about Hussman’s core values being associated with the school after hearing about his input in the Hannah-Jones tenure situation.

When asked about the pushback from faculty on the core values statement, Hussman said he wants people to discuss and debate them.

“These values are not just my core values, these are principles I learned in the journalism school 50 years ago,” Hussman said.

“Those core values have been a beacon for me in my whole career,” Hussman said. “And I hope they are for others… if they resonate with them.”[…]

Personally,  I think you’re out of your mind to give one red cent to that loony bin.  You could probably start your OWN journalism training program for $25 million.  If they don’t like you or your money,  tell the drive-bys, the faculty lounge crowd, and the rest of them to go stuff it.

I think  we need to start the countdown to when the Chapel Hill mob starts demanding his name be removed from the school because: his ancestors owned slaves, or he has or has had a Confederate flag or flag emblem in his possession.

Can our flagship university get any crazier?  My alma mater is hot on their, um, “heels” in the race to full-blown liberal looniness.