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Lt. Dan: It’s FBI Time!

    It’s no secret that Lt.  Governor Dan Forest is seeking the governor’s office.     I had a good discussion last week with someone very close to Forest.  I let this person know that it was way past time to back off the…

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Gov. Bumpkin says DON’T BE DIVISIVE. (That’s HIS job.)

    Rarely has anyone climbed so far so fast, with so little substance to his résumè and no record of significant positive accomplishments, than Roy Cooper.  During his sixteen years as state AG,  the most significant prosecutions occurred when  the feds stepped in and…

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Meet Mike Hardin, GOP candidate for Moore-Hoke DA

    Moore County has had its own judicial district for the longest time.  Now, we’re paired with Hoke County to the south of us.  Maureen Krueger, Moore County’s incumbent prosecutor, is not seeking reelection.  She’s hand-picked a potential successor and brought him onto her…

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Thoughts on the new map

  I don’t know how SOME of these new districts will pass muster in court.  I’ve had problems with the current districts.  What do people in Johnston County have in common with people in Brunswick County, issue-wise?  It was well known at the time of…

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New map: A dilemma for ‘Public Official A’?

    One milestone most people in politics TRY to avoid is getting mentioned in indictment documents — federal or otherwise.  In  his short career in DC,  congressman Mark Walker has already achieved JUST THAT.   Drive-by reports indicate that the new congressional maps definitely…

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Caught giving $$$ to Obama, Adam Schiff? Man Up, and blame it all on the women in your life.

    That’s the path nominal Republican Arthur Donadio —  lame duck incumbent DA Maureen Krueger’s hand picked successor — appears to have taken.  And his “explanation” appears to raise  more questions than it answers:     In 2012,  Barack Obama was running for president….

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Mark Johnson for, um, LtGov?

  I’ve met Department of Public Instruction superintendent Mark Johnson ONCE.    What most struck me was the campaign contribution he got from Michael Bloomberg during his inaugural run for the DPI slot.   Johnson made a big deal of his background on the Forsythe…

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Tillis: MORE Green cards for Indian workers to take jobs from Americans

    All of those “America First”  and “I love Trump” ads don’t appear to match what our junior senator — up for reelection next year — is saying and doing in DC:   GOP Sen. Thom Tillis (R-NC) is championing legislation to reward Indian…

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#ncga: Boss Phil executes a PERFECT full ‘Timmy’

    NC PolicyWatch and The N&O are collectively soiling their Pampers over a story that senate leader Phil Berger has been using campaign funds to purchase some choice Raleigh real estate.  (Hey, at least he didn’t take envelopes of cash in  a restaurant men’s…

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Cooper aims LOW at Folwell

  You would think revelations that his transportation department is overspending by $2 billion and possibly broke the law would concern him.   But we’re dealing with a guy who sat in the AG’s office for sixteen years doing absolutely nothing — stumbling into the…