Election Reflections, Part Deux: Murphy’s old NC House seat goes BLUE



Tillis had it happen to him in 2018.  Looks like congressman Greg Murphy is getting a taste in 2020.  Dr. Perrin Jones of Greenville was appointed to replace Murphy in the state House after his election to Congress.  Jones  was a Murphy friend.  Murphy endorsed him and campaigned for him.  (Murphy represents his old state House district in Congress.)



Democrat Brian Farkas was making his second run for House District 9 in four years.  Here were the 2016 results:



Greenville has been trending Republican over the last decade.  The district is strong Republican, and Murphy appeared to handle Farkas quite well.  Murphy also hadn’t been in Raleigh long in 2016.  So, he was still on kind of a honeymoon.


So,  here we are in 2020.   Murphy is in Washington.  Jones got all kinds of press for being a record fundraiser.  Farkas lost big before in the district.  How could this be anything but an encore?  (Farkas was running against a Murphy pal.)


Well,  here are the 2020 results:


*My,  how things change in four years.*


Could this be an omen for Murphy’s fortunes in — say — 2022? From what my DC and Third District sources are telling me,  Third District voters are not going to be happy when they learn Murphy is not living up to what he pledged on the 2019 campaign trail.  (*Details are forthcoming.*)


You could always count on Walter Jones to do what he said he was going to do.  Even when you thought it was dead wrong.