We don’t need no steenkin’ masks! (Oy vey!)



Democrats just loved scolding Republicans throughout the campaign for not wearing masks or not being socially distant enough. We have an example of one big-dog Raleigh Dem playing the ol’ do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do game.



Thanks to one of my trusted (socially distant ) Raleigh moles,  here is a photo of attorney general Josh Stein talking to some folks last week right outside Perry’s Steakhouse in Raleigh.  



(Stein is the one at the bottom left. Not the one wearing lipstick and a dress. I know it is hard to tell sometimes.)


Give the guy some credit though.  He is at least HOLDING a mask.   (Maybe we can recruit the guy who taught lil’ Josh to stop wearing his underpants on his head to tutor the AG on how to properly wear his COVID mask.).