Election Reflections, numero très …


In 2018,  California’s congressional delegation had its GOP representation nearly wiped out WEEKS AFTER Election Day — thanks to various recounts and counts of dubious provisional and absentee ballots.  Are we in for something like that in North Carolina in 2020?


It’s been eleven days since the actual, formal Election Day.  Republican Paul Newby was actually leading incumbent Democrat Cheri Beasley in the race for state Supreme Court Chief Justice at the end of Election Night.  But here we are — eleven days later — with Beasley *magically* and quite suddenly in the lead.



Newby’s election night lead was slim.  So, it made a Beasley *comeback* quite easy to engineer.  If this stands,  we’ll be stuck with a 5-2 Democrat majority on the state Supreme Court with a Democrat calling the shots for that particular venue.


(Our two Republicans would include a lady who was regularly the most liberal Republican in the state Senate, and a guy who skates through life via his powerful daddy’s name.)


Newby is a solid conservative who operates in line with the state and federal constitutions.   (In other words, he doesn’t make crap up — like so many of these black robed folks do.).  It will be like a punch in the gut if politicos “counting” in back rooms  weeks after the election get Newby off the court.


It’s outrageous that we’re still playing with vote totals nearly two weeks after the election.  We saw something similar in Robeson County in 2018.  The apparent winner on Election Night in that county’s district court race turned into the runner-up weeks later.


We’ve got too many pools of ballots out there — mail-ins, provisionals, early, et al. — thereby creating a heck of a three-card monte scam out of the process of selecting our leaders.


Remember — the rules for voting got changed right in the middle of early voting.  Suddenly, we didn’t need all of this scrutiny, witness signatures and stuff on absentee ballots.  Has it been arranged so that the Newby scheme can be applied to other races where Democrats lost to Republicans by narrow margins?