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Problems may be getting BIGGER for Richard Burr

      We’ve told you about the FBI seizing his phone,  the insider trading allegations, and all that.   Now, it appears our senior US senator may be entangled in a possible gambling scandal:   News that Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC) may have acted…

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Vidant Health lectures white people on how to behave.

    They’ve cornered the market on most things health care-related in eastern North Carolina.  Now, it appears Vidant Health is tackling the thorny issue of getting those pesky white people to be more respectful and understanding of POC (people of color).   THIS got…

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Lefties, solar goons and Roy Cooper kill Atlantic Coast Pipeline

      It would have provided more options for consumers and producers of energy.  It would likely have kept costs down on all sides.  It would have likely created jobs and economic development in eastern North Carolina.  But thanks to Roy Cooper and his…

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Reformed Enviro-Nazi apologizes for his part in deceiving Americans

  It’s refreshing to come across a leftist who realizes just how WRONG he or she has been for so many years.  Anyway, here’s Michael Shellenberger writing in Forbes: On behalf of environmentalists everywhere, I would like to formally apologize for the climate scare we…

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(Ruh-Roh.) Pro-Stein radio ad (accidentally?) slams Cooper

  Looks like Gov. Doofus might be taking some, um, “friendly” fire.  Several folks called my attention to this ad over the last several days.  I finally got the chance to hear it myself.   The ad praises incumbent state attorney general Josh Stein (D)…

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Hey, Roy. We’re having a parade.

    While most of the state is quivering and laying awake at night worrying about the consequences of violating one of Gov. Doofus’s executive orders,  most people in Moore County are having NONE of that. Sheriff Ronnie Fields has already shrugged off most of…

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Lawyering up on ol’ Roy

  Lt. Governor Dan Forest has apparently had enough of the bumbling by the doofus currently occupying that big house on Blount Street:     “Today, I notified Governor Cooper that, as a member of the Council of State, I will be suing his administration…

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Pinehurst councilwoman laments NCGA’s “love of property rights”

  In an era of Neo-Marxist rioting and vandalism,  it’s more than disturbing to hear a leader so close to home bad-mouth the concept of property rights.   But THAT appears to be what council member Judy Davis did at the last village council meeting….

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*You must be thinking of that OTHER Roy Cooper.*

    Amidst his efforts to ruin the state’s economy,  our bumbling, undistinguished governor has promised to team up with Attorney General Josh Stein and Chief Justice Anita Earls to eliminate all of the racism that purportedly infests North Carolina law enforcement.      …

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Tillis 2020 re-elect campaign lifts strategy from failed 2017 VA GOP governor effort

    Hey, if you’re going to copy someone,  make sure it’s someone who suffered the worst beat-down in the state’s political history:   Sen. Thom Tillis’ (R-NC) campaign spokesman acknowledged on Friday that he had copied large portions of a general election strategy memo…