Laying in the bed we made


In 1988,  he was run out of the presidential race by the drive-by media, who claimed then that he “didn’t have the character to be president.”  (One of the worst sins he committed was delivering a speech uncredited and verbatim that had been authored and previously delivered by then-British Labour Party leader Neil Kinnock.)


This past summer,  he was railing against — and basically being judge and jury — for some Minneapolis cops accused of police brutality.  He said very little — occasionally raising his head to offer up some praise — as rioters burned and looted cities from coast to coast (allegedly over the Minneapolis incident).


Hell, his new VP even called him out as a racist on national TV.


He and his son have been paid off pretty heftily (for doing not much of anything) by Chinese business and government sources.


He had little to say to some of his 2020 supporters who tried to burn down DC during the 2016 presidential inauguration.


Are we talking about Donald Trump?  Nope.  We’re talking about the guy who just got sworn in as president today — Joe Biden.  (Now, the media tells us he has PLENTY of character to be president.).


Democrats and the media simply made up stuff about the Trumps, and beat ex-president Trump about the head and shoulders for four years.  Now,  they’ve got a president who actually has crime and ethics issues oozing out of his bodily orifices.  Will we hear a word about any of it from anyone other than Newsmax or OAN?



If you thought the Clinton and Obama years were bad,  hold on to your knickers.  It will all get kicked off with gas prices going up, followed by tax increases.  There will be rules changes in the Congress to make Republicans irrelevant.  Laws will be pushed through to pay back the gays and the abortion fans.  The Supreme Court will get packed, and we’ll get even more federal judges telling us what we can and cannot eat for lunch.  We’ll get even more economy-wrecking lockdowns from the feds to add to the destructive ones already put in place by Roy Cooper, Andrew Cuomo and company.   (Lisa Murkowski,  Susan Collins, Lindsey Graham,  and Mitch McConnell will, of course,  be standing by in the Senate to help whenever they can.)



I remember hearing a lot about “Morning In America” during the Reagan years.  Over the next four years, I’m predicting “Nighttime in America” — nonstop darkness and gloom that will make the actual ‘Dark Ages’ pale in comparison.


This is what we get folks, when we dumb down the voting process and allow anything with brain waves cast a ballot.


God help us.