Election Denialism


THAT is a term I actually heard a Facebook official use on TV the other day.  Election denialism occurs — apparently — when one questions the integrity of the 2020 presidential election, or expresses doubt that Biden won FAIR AND SQUARE.




This is being  policed  by the same people who rode around the last four years with “NOT MY PRESIDENT” bumper stickers on their cars.


The fastest way to get kicked off Twitter or Facebook?   Post something expressing doubt about the integrity of the presidential election or Joe Biden’s legitimacy.




President Trump has been permanently banned.  The MyPillow guy has been banned. His crime?  Suggesting that Joe Biden did not legitimately win the 2020 election.  Twitter calls that a “violation of [its] Civil Integrity Policy.”  Oooooooookay.




We’ve already left Twitter and Facebook.  We’re up on MeWe and will be back with Parler when they get back online.    Staying with those guys means you endorse fascist thought and speech control.  Facebook and Twitter want EVERY conservative silenced or jailed or exiled from cyberspace.  Keeping your accounts with them enables that mission.


Twitter and Facebook are private companies.  They, like us,  can control who posts what on their sites.  The Haymaker has opened its door to liberals.


A few have accepted the challenge over the years.   I’ve asked only two things from them:  (1) no profanity/ vulgarity, and (2). no defamation of anyone.  You’d be surprised at how few liberals can express themselves without doing at least ONE of those things.


What those two cyberspace monoliths do not have a right to do is to is slander and force competitors to shut down via unscrupulous methods.


So, we’ve got a president ruling by decree,  a Congress allowing it, and an overt effort to shut down ANY significant conservative presence on The Internet.




Welcome to the Biden Era.


Some of our Chinese friends can tell us about how they’ve seen all this before.