Saying Goodbye to Google, Facebook AND Twitter



My website and I have had just enough of the leftist censors who govern the alleged mainstream of social media.  Last week,  I pulled my personal and business accounts (plus all related to The Haymaker) from Facebook, Twitter AND Google.   I’ve had enough of them screwing with me, trying to take money from my pocket, and trying to chase readers away.


GOOGLE:   A lot of you appreciated the site’s feed which we’d email you each day.  Unfortunately,  Twitter decided to “break it” just for us.  It worked fine for other sites not owned by me and that happened to be not-so-conservative.  I solved the problem and removed that Google add-on from the site.  I’m still looking for something fairly priced that will do a reliably good job mailing out a daily feed to subscribers.


For almost a year,  folks who searched Google for The Haymaker got a warning, in red font, saying “Possible malware.”   Of course, that wasn’t true.  But who is going to click on something like that?


The final straw was screwing around with payments for Google ads we hosted on the site.  I just got worn out with arguing with them and deleted them all.


FACEBOOK:   Zuckerberg’s evil empire:  (1) refused to allow me to post original photos to accompany posts to The Haymaker page, (2) screwed with the number of views and clicks each post to the page got, and (3). screwed with the number of followers The Haymaker page accumulated.  So,  I deleted my personal page,  one personal business page, and The Haymaker’s page.


TWITTER:  Banning the sitting president of the United States made me angry.  It also made me angry that they screwed with my number of followers.  So,  I’m done with them too.


ALTERNATIVES:   I’m looking at Parler,  IF they ever win their legal battle against the cancel culturists and censors.  I’m also looking at and possibly MeWe.  I’ll let you know if we make a move toward any of those.


We’ve got to stay online and keep up the struggle against the censors and fascists.  The truth HAS to come from somewhere.  Instead of wasting your money on the NCGOP or some Art Pope / John Hood nonsense,  help the burgeoning conservative blogosphere here in the Carolinas grow and prosper.


Our country is in for some really tough days.  Are we going to hang our heads and just let the liars in the drive-by media define us?  Or are we going to take a stand for the truth and Making America Great Again?