It begins: disappearing social media followers

Overnight, we appear to have “lost” a few hundred followers on our Twitter feed.  I am sure there will be more to follow.


Google has killed off the mechanism we used for our email newsletter.


Things aren’t so bad on the Haymaker FB page.  (Maybe Zuckerberg hasn’t gotten to us yet.)



Parler has been great thus far.  Unfortunately,  the tech-commies have taken it offline.  (The word I hear is it should be back up shortly.). Sign up with them.  That’s where the conservative info is flowing.  All you really need to give them is an email address,  a user ID you want to be publicly visible,  and your real name.  (Of course, a password and user name for security.)



The folks on the other side mouth platitudes about unity,  but their real motive is to shut us up and make us go away.  Orwell and Ayn Rand sure are looking like prophets, huh?