A “Trump-supporting mob,” eh?


The lying, useless drive-by media is trying soooooo hard to make the case that those folks who broke the windows  and invaded the US Capitol the other night were “Trump supporters.”  We beg to differ.  Anybody can throw on a MAGA hat and swipe a flag:




Look at the guy wearing the yellow hoodie at the right of the buffalo-skin man.  If you zoom in close enough, you can make out a hammer-and-sickle tattoo on the back of yellow hoodie’s left hand.  The hammer-and-sickle, of course, is the symbol for international communism.  Would. an authentic “Trump supporter” really have something like that tattooed on their body?


Here’s one more inconvenient factoid.  A well-known “organizer” for Black Lives Matter and Antifa was arrested inside The Capitol Building along with the other trespassers.


Let’s focus now on buffalo-skin dude.  He is known throughout the media as “The Qanon shaman.”  Qanon is an extremist group that believes a bunch of wealthy pedophiles are trying to take over the world.  The group’s rhetoric borders on anti-Semitic.


Here’s another picture of the same guy at an earlier rally far from Capitol Hill:



Still want to make the case this guy is a right-wing Trump supporter?  That sign looks like something Chris Fitzsimon’s people would be carrying.


Back in 2016,  Project Veritas uncovered a Democrat plan to PAY trouble-makers to disrupt Trump rallies and related events.  So,  there is a precedent for leftists infiltrating Trump events and making trouble.


The lying in the legacy drive-by media is reaching a fever pitch.  Don’t let them panic or sway you.  Do a little research on your own.  These days,  THAT is about the only way to learn the truth.