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#nc-03: Doctor Flip-Flop

  Nope.  THAT is not the newest Bond villain.   We’re talking about congressional candidate Joan Perry (R) of Kinston.  She’s getting  a lot of mileage from hugging babies in her campaign ads.  And she should.  As a veteran, respected pediatrician, she’s done a lot…

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Campaign 2019 advertising special !!!

  Election day is quickly approaching in the Ninth and Third district special elections for Congress.  A lot of folks are not-so-subtly trying to promote their candidates in the comments section on our site.  (It often doesn’t matter if the post actually has anything to…

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NC-09: congressional candidate forum in Fayetteville on Monday

  Okay,  this is short notice.  But here we go:     Here’s the website (along with directions) for the venue.  If you can go — GO.  Make sure your vote is an informed one.

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NC-03: congressional candidate forum Tuesday in Currituck

  Here are the details:   The Republican parties of Camden, Chowan, Currituck, Dare, Pasquotank, and Perquimans  counties are hosting a joint public forum featuring 15 of the 17 candidates running in North Carolina’s 3rd Congressional District Special Election Republican Primary. The forum will take…

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#hayesscandal : Michele Nix says Hayes MUST GO

  What started off four years ago as a Tea Party-inspired race for a top NCGOP post has evolved into a resignation steeped in frustration and bitterness.  (And a run for the Third District’s GOP nomination for US House.)     Michele Nix, in a…

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And then there were FOUR!

  Robin Hayes’s surprise announcement of his abandonment of a reelection bid as NCGOP chairman has set off a wave of skullduggery, double-crossing and back-stabbing not seen in politics since that whole Ides of March unpleasantness.     Hayes — not seen in public since…

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NC-03: Hangin’ with Lindsey and Don (and a few hundred others)

  I found this gem on Twitter last night:     In case you didn’t know, Eric Rouse is one of the gaggle of candidates seeking the GOP nomination for the Third Congressional District’s seat in  Congress.   If all you knew was what you…

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Fiscal conservatism, WHERE ARE YOU?

  We’ve come to grips with it being in its death throes in Raleigh.  Let’s see how it’s doing in DC in the Trump era:   The federal government spent $1,822,712,000,000 in the first five months of fiscal 2019, the most it has spent in…

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Congressional candidate forums!

  With two open seats in an off-year, we’ve got quite a historic time here in our state.  There are a lot of folks competing for your attention and your votes in order to go to DC. We want you to to vote.  And we…

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#ncga: Bill tying Dale Folwell’s hands on state health plan slated for committee action Tuesday

  State treasurer Dale Folwell simply wants to introduce a little transparency into the relationship between health care providers and the state health plan: share some specifics about what you’re billing the plan, work with Folwell’s team to help control costs, and continue to be…