NC-03: Murphy tells Burr to back off Trump Jr.


It’s rare to have elected members of the same party publicly criticizing each other.  A lot of DC Republicans have been sinking their teeth into US senator Richard Burr over his harassment of presidential son Donald Trump Jr.  and his continued pursuit of this Russian collusion nonsense.



Now, we have a North Carolina Republican, a current state legislator seeking to join North Carolina’s congressional delegation, telling North Carolina’s senior US senator, also a Republican, to LET IT GO:



The state’s GOP members in Congress are strangely silent on the matter.  (All of them claim  to be BIG FANS of the Trump family.)    The state GOP is also strangely silent on the matter.  Is the NCGOP hierarchy supportive of Richard Burr’s quixotic witch-hunt against the First Family?



And where is Tilli$$$?  (Oh, yeah.  This doesn’t involve CA$H.)



By the way, it appears Murphy’s statement caught the attention  of  The First Family:



If Murphy makes it to DC,  it looks like he’s earned at least ONE friend in a high place.