NC-03: Murphy tells Burr to back off Trump Jr.


It’s rare to have elected members of the same party publicly criticizing each other.  A lot of DC Republicans have been sinking their teeth into US senator Richard Burr over his harassment of presidential son Donald Trump Jr.  and his continued pursuit of this Russian collusion nonsense.



Now, we have a North Carolina Republican, a current state legislator seeking to join North Carolina’s congressional delegation, telling North Carolina’s senior US senator, also a Republican, to LET IT GO:



The state’s GOP members in Congress are strangely silent on the matter.  (All of them claim  to be BIG FANS of the Trump family.)    The state GOP is also strangely silent on the matter.  Is the NCGOP hierarchy supportive of Richard Burr’s quixotic witch-hunt against the First Family?



And where is Tilli$$$?  (Oh, yeah.  This doesn’t involve CA$H.)



By the way, it appears Murphy’s statement caught the attention  of  The First Family:



If Murphy makes it to DC,  it looks like he’s earned at least ONE friend in a high place.


9 thoughts on “NC-03: Murphy tells Burr to back off Trump Jr.

  1. Thank you Dr. Murphy! We need more people, like you, to stand up for what’s right and call out what is wrong within our party! There are a lot of RINOs that deserve to be exposed for who they really are!

  2. I strongly agree. Burr `nor Tillis are true republicans. I thank God for pres.Trump. I will not vote for anyone unless they are willing to back our Republican party and Donald Trump 100%. We the people voted for him to lead and everyone else to help and support him and if anyone running for office can’t do that, then they need to sit down and let someone who loves and cares for the citizens of the USA run our beloved America. That is how most people I know feel. We are tired of our politician’s not doing what we elected them to do. GOD BLESS AMERIA

  3. #NeverTillis2020 my group of very engaged Conservatives are disgusted with Tillis & Burr. We will work for GARLAND TUCKER to defeat ole Thom & hopefully have a Senator who will work for NC’s interests. Garland wasn’t for POTUS at first? Neither were many people, but when he won the nomination, we were all in! Tillis betrayed POTUS and we were watching. Tillis must be defeated!

  4. Tillis did make a statement against the subpoena.
    And Murphy only made one now because he has an election shortly. Otherwise he would be as silent as the rest.

  5. Somebody just launched a hanging curveball across Garland Tucker’s home plate, he needs to swing and not hold back like the suddenly silent Tillis, AKA « Trump’s biggest defender ». Not a fan of Murphy but I admire the way he doesn’t let a golden political opportunity vanish. It’s a refreshing display of political competence not often seen in the NCGOP, nor the GOP house and senate caucuses.

  6. You think it’s crazy right now in NC GOP politics…just wait until the Republican bigwigs on the UNC Board of Governors completely abdicate to the crazed leftists and the criminal mob at UNC-CH by not replacing Silent Sam. Just watch the Republican grassroots just completely walk away from the party.

  7. Burr has become an active protege of the Democrat Senator Warner from VA. Apparently he can not make any decision without the approval of Warner. They have been close buddies since Burr was named committee chair.
    Residents of NC! Do it be fooled by either of your Senators. Both are self serving jerks who are getting lotsa support from the Chamber of Commerce . Tillis is totally owned by the chamber he has no loyalty to those who voted him in. He is in favor of allowing all the illegals that want to come into the USA to provide “ cheap labor”. The wages for those folk may not be as high, but we are paying through the nose for their education, housing and medical costs. Not even to mention the need for bilingual everything because they refuse to learn English!
    Burr has it just become a loser. He has been on a slippery slope for years, it it has ow eco e a banana peel on a slippery slope. Actually, The powers that run things in NC GOP need to ALL be removed. They could care less about our representation either at the state or the federal level. I have followed the NCGOP for years first through “The Carolina Plotthound” and now through “The Haymaker”. This is the worse it has been, and like Mr Burr it is getting worse and worse.
    Oh, and by the way! McConnell will do nothing about Burr. His only commitment to President Trump is in getting the judiciary appointed. McConnell is about as useless as Paul Ryan was and Mc Connell needs to be replaced. Won’t happen though…too many RINOS!

  8. Way to go Greg Murphy. Thanks for speaking up, enough is enough. NCGOP has its head in the sand on this issue . Thankful for my friends in the 3rd District for speaking up for our President.

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