John Hood clique STILL can’t accept that Trump WON (and keeps winning)


Our senior US senator Richard Burr is being roundly denounced for subpoenaing and harassing the son of President Donald Trump well after the whole Russian collusion thing has been publicly proven as a BIG FAT HOAX.  (Burr’s actions are akin to launching an investigation into just who it is that breaks into the house at night and takes the kids’ teeth from under  their pillows.)



We all know that John Hood and his uncle Art have never been Trump fans.  Most people on the right who weren’t with Trump early in the primaries have come over into the light.  But, no, Uncle Art and lil’ John are hell-bent on joining their pal Bill Kristol in the land of no-cash-flow, irrelevancy, and all the CNN  / NC Spin appearances you want.



(When they get there, they can sit quietly and  curse Trump 24-7-365 to their hearts content, and  no one will even  notice them — or care.)


Well, Hood was on this weekend’s NC Spin this weekend with one of his employees, Rick Henderson, who reportedly edits something called “Carolina Journal.”


During the show, Henderson proudly defended Richard Burr’s harassment of Trump’s son:


[…] “There’s another ‘over’ here, and that’s something called oversight.  And  that’s something the Congress is supposed to do of the executive branch.  So,  what senator Burr is doing is the right thing.  And this is probably dealing with the emoluments clause, if  you will. That’s money that’s being made privately while you’re in public office and Donald Trump Jr. is part of the Trump inner circle as you might imagine.  And so what senator Burr is doing is the right thing.”  […]


So, Henderson and Hood — who sat quietly by while this was being spouted — don’t care that they are knifing their donor and alleged friend, US Senate candidate Garland Tucker, in the back when they pull this crap.   Tucker has actually compared Trump’s performance thus far to that of Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher.


There are a lot of good people at The John Locke Foundation and Civitas who are being absolutely crucified and screwed over because of John Hood and his entourage.   If you care about conservatism, stop flushing your money down the John Hood-controlled rathole.


The alleged voice of conservatism in North Carolina devoting so much energy to trashing the  most successful presidency in 30 years?  Don’t we get enough of that from Fitzsimon, The  N&O, WRAL, and ol’ George Costanza over at state Democrat HQ?


It’s all little more than the egos of Hood and his small entourage throwing a tantrum.


They just need to remember that Bill Kristol territory is just inches away.