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#ncga: Heck, let’s allow EVERYBODY to vote!

For all their caterwauling and boo-hooing over the integrity of our elections process, legislative Democrats sure seem hell-bent on introducing even more potential opportunities for mischief into the mix. House Bill 1115, entitled “Let North Carolina Vote Act”, got introduced this week by a gaggle of House Democrats — led…

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Two weeks until election day. TEN THOUSAND illegals registered to vote. *What could go wrong?*

In the 80s and 90s, Democrats worked really hard to make voting easier for their lazy, shiftless, poorly-educated target market.  You could register to vote when you renew your driver license.  You could register to vote ON election day.  You could EVEN vote at the wrong place, if you wanted…

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Moore County: Unaffiliated voter registrations pulling even with Democrats

    Carolina Transparency’s web site does a great job of tracking voter registration trends in North Carolina.  You can use the site to track  trends by county based on party registration and race. In Moore County, the local Democrat Party is in danger of falling into third place.  The…

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Today is THE DAY!

  Today marks THE LAST DAY you can register to vote or change your party registration in time for North Carolina’s May primary.  If you need to do either of those things, you need to beat a path over to your local board of elections office.

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NC voter registrations: UNA giving DEM and REP a run for their money

    The Raleigh-based  Civitas Institute has released an interesting county-by-county analysis of recent voter registration trends.  Their analysis appears to show that registering as “unaffiliated” is one of the hottest things going right now. The analysis shows that — in reliably Republican Moore County — unaffiliated registrations are outpacing…