Two weeks until election day. TEN THOUSAND illegals registered to vote. *What could go wrong?*

illegal-aliens-vote-democratIn the 80s and 90s, Democrats worked really hard to make voting easier for their lazy, shiftless, poorly-educated target market.  You could register to vote when you renew your driver license.  You could register to vote ON election day.  You could EVEN vote at the wrong place, if you wanted to.

In 2013, the McCrory administration thought it was really important to turn state law on its head and get our state’s illegal aliens driver licenses that look an awful lot like the ones we lawful citizens have.

Hmm.  Licenses for illegals that look a lot like OURS.  What a recipe for confusion and laughs.  Sounds like a killer concept for a Three’s Company episode. 

Remember — the politicians set things up so you could register to vote while getting or renewing your license.  Now, it appears that some 10,000 of these undocumented folks who Gov. Pat gave licenses to have ended up on the voter rolls. 

What’s going on here?  Our friends over at SilenceDoGood shed a little light: 

[…] Now, every week or so, the NC DMV submits a list to the North Carolina State Board of Elections in Raleigh. The people on these lists have been issued a NCDL, but they are NOT Eligible to Vote. Well, according to the NC State BoE, they have to double check with our Federal Department of Homeland Security via the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS).

Here is where things get ‘SCREWY’ — According to Kim Strach, The Executive Director of the NC State BoE, there are  “an extremely large number” of people that the Feds say are Legal, yet they were not legal when they were issued DACA Drivers Licenses. One can NOT go from DACA Status this month, to Citizen Status next month. Or even in 4 or 5 months.[…] 

Anti-amnesty activist James Johnson of NCFIRE tosses in his two cents:

[…] I want to make something perfectly clear about the 10,000+ illegal alien voters on NC voter rolls. I am being questioned from all sides about the numbers I quoted. While there may not be exactly 10,000+ of the 14,836 illegals who have received a NC drivers license, I will stand by the fact that “an extremely large number of them are showing up on the NC voter rolls” because that is a direct quote from Kim Strach who is the Executive Director of the NC State Board of Elections.

I obtained the DACA license issue list (14,836 DACA licenses issued as of 9/20/14) from Sophia Spencer who is the Records Manager at the NC Department of Transportation.

Now, the person who is tasked with checking and removing the names from the NC voter rolls is Brian LiVecchi- special counsel to the NCSBOE.

During our initial conversation on Wed Oct 15th, we were discussing the DACA license issue list which is forwarded to his office every week by the NCDOT. I asked specifically about the 14,836 and how many were showing up on the voter rolls. He explained that the number was around 10,000+/-. On Fri. Oct 17th, he called me back saying he has been inundated with calls and wanted to “set the record straight” as to the 10,000 number he was referring to. That the numbers were nowhere near the 10,000 we were quoting. This was after the email we sent out statewide. His response was two-fold.

First, he explained the problem he was having is when they check the names (again) with DHS, the names were coming back as LEGAL. (Why they were being checked again is beyond me when they were already certified by the Federal Gov’t as illegal when they qualified for DACA status to obtain their NC drivers license). He continued, maybe they had been issued a green card, or had been granted permanent resident status, or became citizens, etc…. and simply didn’t inform the NCDMV and maybe that’s why they’re coming back from DHS as legal.(In any event, if the DACA names ARE coming back from DHS as being classified as LEGAL, then there is a big problem on the NATIONAL LEVEL in the states who opted to participate in the DACA license “program”. You can bet that they have DACA recipients on their voter rolls as well)

Well that makes no sense. Illegal aliens have to be “declared” DACA eligible by the Federal Gov’t if they want to obtain a NC drivers license. They complete the forms from the gov’t and take them to the NCDMV to obtain their license. There is NO question that they are illegal when they present the forms to the NCDMV and they are marked as such and issued a license that basically says so on it. They don’t have green cards, or haven’t been granted permanent resident status or any other classification other than illegal with deferred deportation status. If that’s the case, they would have weeded those out on a weekly basis so the list he is working on currently, wouldn’t be 10,000+/-. You don’t qualify as DACA one week and be granted a green card or permanent resident status the next. It simply doesn’t happen that way or that fast.

Second, he explained that he was having to go through every one of the registrations, one-at-a-time, that it takes several minutes to check each one and that there was no way to “batch check” them with the Federal Gov’t. He continued, having only one staff member, that we are having to pay an enormous amount of overtime to, he didn’t have enough staff to complete the job before the election much less before early voting begins on Oct 23rd.